Landry: GM Pinball sizes up free agency for Argos

Things are a little different for the Toronto Argonauts as the CFL’s free agency period looms.

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I have ultimate respect for Pinball, too bad he's with Toronto because ARGOS SUCK! (we all need a team to hate, don't we?)

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No! No! No! (three no's might be enough here). Pinball's infectious smile, can-do attitude and endlessly optimistic personnality is EXACTLY what they need in CFL 'meh' Toronto. If not for Pinball Clements, all of Toronto would've disappeared into a black vortex of negative energy long ago. You'd see a fifty mile wide crater from space where an unproud city once stood.

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I like craters! And as long as the Maple Laffs, sorry the Make Beliefs(proud Stanley Cup Champions...1967) go with them it's win/win! Hating Toronto is so much fun & soooo easy! Come on out to BC Pinball we'd love to have you.

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EVERYONE wants Pinball. You'll just have to do what everyone else does. Get him drunk and hope he doesn't notice that he's not in Toronto anymore.

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Pinball is doing great this year. Regarding FA, the defence and O-line are mostly set, however work remans at QB, RB, defensive front seven, and receiver positions. At receiver, even though Daniels re-signing is huge, Collins Jr., Brescacin, Huff, are keepers. At the defensive front seven Nevis, Muamba, Judge and Law are must haves and it appears that only Muamba will stay if we believe the rumours. MBT will re-sign but the RB position is in need of a proven performer. Two weeks left so a lot can happen, but we do need to make a dent in these positions in order to be successful in 2022.

oh no - not macbeth again ...... does pinball like losing as a GM ?

make pipkin 1st string QB, get another qb , young and is fast, save some $ n upgrade your qb !!! brandon bridge would make a good 2nd qb he almost beat argos in 2017