Landry: Elks, Riders have something to prove in Week 2

The pre-game storylines swirl. The sub-plots are everywhere. Like any intriguing match-up, Saturday night’s game between the visiting Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Edmonton Elks has its share of dramatic undercurrents present.

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Well, Saskatchewan was playing on e of the best run defences in the league last week. If the run game doesn't work this week then they can worry.

As for the Elks - I can only hope being embarrassed last week added a lot of focus to their prep this week. Having Antigha back at Safety will be a huge help in calling the backfield sets.

There's no such thing as an Elks!

Don’t bother. It’s been tried many times.

No such thing as a Monty Python.


Oh the TiCats defense definitely came to play last week. They couldn't get a lot of pressure on Fajardo but the secondary had some great coverage and they did great against the run. I think they need to get Hickson out for the run game and use Morrow more for returns or RPO plays. He's a better north south runner than Morrow.

Thanks Don… I agree I’m quite pretty sure they do.

New title/
Riders have something to prove'
Elk have EVERYTHING to prove.

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