Landry: Ealey's legacy shines as he enters College HOF

The ball sits on a table somewhere in the house, not in a glass case with a light shining down on it, not on top of the fireplace mantle where it can be spied in its place of prominence. Just on a table somewhere in the house.

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What a great read !!! The College Football Hall of Fame finally got it right . Now it's time for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame to recognize Chuck Ealey's contributions to Canada and Canadian Football .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


Possibly the best non "news" article I've ever read on this site. Well done ,Landry.

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Have to give this 2 thumbs up!

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The CFL had a syndication TV deal in the U.S. in the early 1970s and Chuck Ealey was one of the first players I learned about from watching those games.

Such an honor is well overdue.

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Hats off to Chuck Ealey and author Don Landry on a very well scripted document pertaining to the values of a well rounded family. :exclamation:

P.S. I never realized Chuck went an amazing 35-0 with Toledo Rockets in his college football career. :gem:

Chuck Ealey broke my heart in 72! Beating my team in the Grey Cup. I remember Ealey coming to my school with athletes in action (in Saskatchewan) when I was a young teen. His athletics were impressive...I remember that. I did not understand how anyone would ever catch him on the field. He was a kind, gentle, Godly man. It sounds like he still is. Nice to know he stayed in Canada. TSN should pick up on his story next football season.

Real football fans know this .

In 2012, as part of the 100 years of Grey Cup Celebration, TSN had his story as part of their Engraved on a Nation series. His was titled "The Stone Thrower". But your right they should update it.

I know when he was signed by Hamilton in 1972, he had a 65-0 record. That included his College and High School records. The amazing part was that Ealey was able to step in and replace Wally Gabler in the 2nd game of the season and played the rest of the season like a veteran. Wally was let go shortly after Chuck took over and the team saw the future QB was now. Wally went back to Toronto where he started.

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I am glad someone mentioned that Ealey was undefeated as a starter in high school and college. I followed the Tiger-Cats on the radio for the most part back then and was thrilled when they signed him. Excelling so soon in the pros just reinforced how egregious it was for the NFL to ignore him. Very happy he will be inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame and that he is alive to enjoy the honor.

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You will have to forgive me, I was only 11 years old in 1972. :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: By the way I am a "Real football Fan" :bangbang: