Landry: Cornelius confident with new trio of pass-catchers

Taylor Cornelius has a few things to be happy about right now. He’s getting married in a week, for one. His team, the Edmonton Elks, just loaded up on receivers in free agency, for two, and that’s pretty big for a quarterback, wouldn’t you say?

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This is a make or break year for Corny, if he can't have success with this group it may be time to look elsewhere.

If they do have to look elsewhere, it won't be far, just down the bench to Tre ford.

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Ford has had flashes, he looks like he could be a good one. It would be nice to bring him along slowly. If things work out we could have a very nice young QB tandem.

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This clears up a couple of things. Elks were never in on the FA QB market evidently. And maybe not trying too hard to sign Lawler. They did try to trade him back to Winnipeg before his injury scuttled that deal. And apparently the discussions with bringing Lewis in started before the season ended. Hmm, interesting.

Last year Rourke intrigued me & I was more interested in BC than any other club. This year the Elks & TiCats are drawing my interest more than anyone else.

Ricky Ray had success early, BoLM was hot off the start, maybe Corn will be slow like Cavillo.

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Actually there was another guy years ago, kept throwing int's to the outside, couldn't start and win games.....
But by the time Wilkinson retired...Moon was doing pretty well for himself.

Lets remember too that a quaterback won't learn a lot about how to play football from a tennis coach either so as far as I'm concerned that first season was a wash.