Landry: Bombers ready to navigate free agency

It could be this week. It could be next.

When it comes, Winnipeg Blue Bombers general manager Kyle Walters will be ready. Ready to pounce on getting a key signature or two, or ready to deftly alter the vector to Plan B or even C if it comes to it.

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Rider fans looking for any news will never find it on this site. Prepare for big free agent signings that will be downplayed and brushed off on here.

As per 3 Down Nation, Kenny Lawler has restructured his contract with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers - $150,000 signing bonus which includes $115,000 in base salary, a $13,800 housing bonus and a $7,200 travel bonus. Lawler will earn $285,000 in 2024.
Note: Signing bonuses are taxed at a lower rate for Amercan players.


Can someone tell me when the Bombers signed Ricky Walters? And does anyone know if he will likely start alongside Ricky WALKER?

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Worse than I thought. I didn’t think year 2 was for $310K - or as high as $285K where it’s at now.

Eight hours after my math on the CAP problems, Paul Friesen tweeted out a link to his latest article which predicted an eerily similar scenario. However he had higher estimates on what it would cost to sign Streveler & Oliveira & I tend to agree with him on that.

The Bombers are in CAP hell - that much is pretty evident.

As far as I know Ricky Walters is currently the OC for the Alberta Golden Bears :bear:.
Ricky Walker has yet to sign with Winnipeg.

I see a lot of mangled names, mangled spelling, mangled grammar and other boners in these forums, but it’s hilarious when such a flop is provided by a professional.

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