Landry: Big moves spell change for REDBLACKS

In hindsight, I can safely say that Shawn Burke wasn’t just feeding me a line.

It was a week and a half ago when I had a phone conversation with the general manager of the Ottawa REDBLACKS, who was in Nashville, TN, for the CFL winter meetings.

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Dru Brown like Nick Arbuckle played really good as the sudden backup QB with an awesome offense to help him adjust. But when Arbuckle was called upon to do a continuous job it just didn’t work out. Time will see if Brown can handle the constant pressure. Good Luck Ottawa .

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For me, the issue with Ottawa was the head coach. His in game decisions were horrific at times. They had games won and then he would make a really bad decision that lead to defeat. An expert at ripping defeat from the jaws of victory. I hope that I am wrong, but until the change at that position comes, the Red Blacks will continue to underperform.