Landry at practice?

I'm just wondering if anyone has attended practice the last couple days and has a update on Landry. He must be in playing shape as he was just playing, therefore he'd just have to adjust to the "yard off the line", up here. :cowboy:

I know the attention is on AB111 but has anyone seen Landry at practice. Just wondering how he's been fitting in at DT. :cowboy:

He has been there all week learning and
getting a few reps on the scout team.

The linemen on both sides of the ball
play so under control in these situations

that one can't really get a read on
how well he is playing or fitting in.

I'll tell you one thing though, he looks like a linebacker
with wide shoulders, broad chest and flat stomach.

And at 300 lbs he is one of biggest D-linemen.

Thanks Ron...Me thinks he must be pretty quick by looking at his stats. He's certainly got a lot of sacks.
Anybody that big and that quick at DT will be a huge addition for us. :cowboy: