Landry: Argos ready to begin journey to repeat as champions

The Toronto Argonauts got their rings. That’s cool. But do you know what’s really cool?

A second ring.

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Mr. Landry, as you have written, the Argos are a veteran-laden team posed to return to the Cup as are the Bombers. Also, the Lions are bursting with talent and starting a new quarterback much like the Argos. Calgary is also in strong contention. These powerful four football clubs are in the best position to appear or win championships. The remaining teams are in the throes of change where patience and a lot of work are necessary to get the teams up to snuff to win the big games. Veterans who have worked together on teams who are the proven winners against newbies with newly selected veterans struggling to come together to defeat the veteran-laden, powerful four.

I agree with most of the fans - Tigers will win and show Argos the door! Tigers by 10!

The Lions are not starting a new quarterback much like the Argos, the Lions are starting a veteran QB while the Argos are starting a new unproven rookie QB.

I don’t see Calgary in a strong contention, they lost their first game and barely squeaked out a win over an injury laden Ottawa team. Maier has some flashes but he doesn’t look good

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I agree with most of the fans - Tigers will win and show Argos the door! Tigers by 10!


Good prediction buddy boy - but a LITTLE OFF - Advice - don’t bet on too many things in the near future

Looks like a repeat of the 2022 season but the Argos and Bombers even stronger. No change at all in the standings.
Ottawa and Edmonton are still struggling, Calgary not much better. BC and the Riders will battle it out for second in the west and the Ticats and Als battle it out for 2nd in the east.
We know that Collaros is an elite QB and looks like Kelly has huge potential to be elite. But the CFL is lacking right now at QB

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