Landry: Anthony Bennett's secret to Combine success

There are at least two kinds of pressure, far as I can tell, when it comes to performing in front of prying, evaluating, pro football eyes at a combine.

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Anthony Bennett had an outstanding 2 yrs at Regina. It may be semantics that are getting to me but why do you keep mentioning him as "Young" - 3x actually. He spent 5 years at NCAA Div I FAU, then spent 2 years at U of R. He's 26, probably close to the average age of every CFL team. I hope that his 7th year of playing and competing in a university setting has helped to set him apart from the 18 to 22 yr old opponents. I wish him luck as it will be interesting to see if a DE at 6' 229 lbs - can find success against opponents that are 5-7" taller, 70-100lbs heavier and far stronger than his previous OL challengers.