Landry: All eyes are on quarterbacks in Edmonton

It's a natural progression to be a backup for a season or 2 before someone takes a chance on you as the #1. Arbuckle has done that so is he a bigger risk than Rourke, or Mitchell was when he took over from Drew Tate, or Ricky Ray, the 3rd stringer when he took over from Maas, or Fajardo or......? As for Ford, if you saw the interview with Jones & Simon before the draft, he laid it on the line that you play where you're asked to play. IMO he will play QB but possibly be used elsewhere as well. He's decided to forgo some tryouts in the NFL to attend rookie camp, quite a commitment, & I'm sure knows exactly where he stands.

In my mind, Arbuckle is the same kind of dropback QB Harris is, only younger. Was Harris the guy to take the Elks to the next level? I don't know but I don't think he is the type of QB Jones is interested in - just my opinion fo what it's worth.

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Yes - - I understand your point about Macioca - signing Harris after Edmonton let him go mid-season. Unfortunately, there was internal turmoil in the Edmonton locker-room between Elizondo and Harris - they did not agree on the offensive system being used - - and so Elizondo cut him loose.

In all honesty, Harris can be an effective QB if he is executing a offensive scheme that fits his style of play. If you look at 2017 to 2019, both Ottawa and Edmonton ran an offence that complimented Harris' style of play - - he threw for over 4000 yards for two years, and over 5000 yards on the third year. I guess we'll see if he works out in Montreal. Appreciate your clarification! Cheers!

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All the coach said was we its an old fashioned training camp, we want to look at everybody...and Arbuckle is at the top of the depth chart, that says he's top cat going into camp.

It's interesting for sure. If we get training camp it will be fun to see how it sorts out.

You are so right.

Chris Streveler had just picked up our playbook in 2018 when Matt Nichols went down for an extended period after some kind of self-inflicted practice injury. In 2019 we lost rookie Brady Oliviera after his first carry. Saskatchewan lost four players for the season last year with achilles tendon tears during practice drills. Ouch.

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Some would say Bo Levi took over from Kevin Glenn.

Also think Nick Arbuckle has more mobility to his game then you are giving him credit for and might be one who benefits from moving the hashmarks in vs Cornelius who has the arm to make longer throws. Arbuckle / Cornelius is not a bad combination.

I doubt any of the new QB's will know the game well enough to make an immediate impact and would be nice to see the third string opportunity go to Tre Ford. Maybe Ford will be the short yardage guy,

Just FYI - Harris has put up 2 of the best QB play-off performances in CFL history; now, maybe he is totally washed-up now, but that remains to be seen; a team wanting a 2nd vet proven QB option might not be such a bad idea; sticking with a mediocre at best QB talent like Shiltz as your 2nd option or signing an old hack like Kevin Glenn, for the sake of "experience" - now those are real dumb options, IMO.

I guess Chris Jones will show just what a genius he is as a CFL GM and leader this coming season; want to bet on which teams ends up with the better record between him and Maciocia ?

Harris has been very inconsistent in the playoffs. After going 36/39 passing in the 2019 East Semi, he followed up with a 29/41 outing in the Final loss. After going 29/32 with 6 TD's, 0 INT's in the 2018 East Final, he then had a 20/38 outing in the Grey Cup. His playoff record as a starter is 2 wins 4 losses with 12 TD's vs 9 INT's. Take away the East Final & he has 3 TD's vs 9 INT's in his other 5 playoff games.

Harris is a good signing for the wildly inconsistent Adams so good for Maciocia. The Als will have a dynamic offence but I'm not a big fan of their defence, especially their back end. I'm not sure why Chris Jones would want to bring in Harris. You have to wonder how much interest there was out there. He was a free agent for anyone months before free agency officially opened.