Landry: A Biggie-sized question looms over Bombers

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ defence has a big question mark looming over it this week as the team prepares for the 110th Grey Cup game, this Sunday in Hamilton.

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The last few years with this Bomber team, next man up isn’t just a cliché… would be a shame for “Biggie” to miss the game after all the heart and hard work he’s put into the season, but I have faith his teammates will have his back and play to honor him if he can’t…

Biggie will be at the game but he won’t be playing by the looks of that boot on his foot.


Huge loss, like others have said - he may have played his last game.
We’ll see him roll right into his next career on Saturday though. He’ll be coaching guys on the sidelines.


I hope Adam Bighill is in the 110th Grey Cup game on Sunday, Nov 19th/2023. :question: In the event he can’t play, :roll_eyes: I fully trust the replacements will do a more than adequate job :star_struck:. The Bombers thanks to Kyle Walters :100:have the most depth with the greatest show on turf. :bangbang: :canada: :football:

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and then add ten charactors

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Naw. He’s just coming from a ski holiday and hadn’t removed all his gear yet.

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