Landry: 5 QB battles to watch at training camp

The quarterback landscape across the CFL looks pretty stable, overall, with at least five teams appearing to be set at QB1 as training camps open.

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Maier is crap :poop:

After Bo Levi’s poor showing in the last season doubt about his success creeps onto the turf and into fans’ minds. Bo was not even chosen as the quarterback for the Eastern semi-final in 2023. Bo thought he was finished with the Cats because they failed to deploy their money guy in the big game until it was lost.
Now present, Bo Levi, in season 2024, is determined to be the number one quarterback. The only problem with this is that it may turn out the Cats are delaying the inevitable changes to come and spending money on a lost cause while the Cats could be spending money and choosing a new asset to strengthen the team.

Hopefully the Saskatchewan Roughriders new head coach wakes up and trades a very old Trevor Harris straight up for Bo Levi Mitchell.

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