Landon Rice Returns

Wonder if he was another guy Reed let go that Jones would have preferred to keep … OR … Als just desperately need OL depth … OR … both.

Given the parlous state of our O-line, I won’t ask too many questions. It’s either Rice or an inanimate carbon rod in a broom closet.

Jourdain probably sees something in him. My concern is this likely means Johnstone is heading to the six game injury list.

Yup, Johnstone is probably banged up pretty bad.

They way this is going down for the
ALS. While Reed was GM & Sherman HC. They obviously made deceisions.
Now they are gone. It appears that Khari Jones had some different thoughts that he is now putting into place.
Especially at QB & Offensive skill positions.
It now is becoming apparent that Jones & LBJ have been talking about OLine decisions. & LBJ has been given the go ahead to LBJ. to start rearranging the Olineman on the roster as injuries are striking