Landlines, to have or to have not

Do you have one?

Recent Rogers problems shows one advantage of still having a landline to call 911 (and others) on.

We have always and will always have land line, as long as is available.

Also, most of our home phones are on chargers and do not work in power outage, but we make sure we have one phone that will.

I would never be caught dead using only cell phone. That is like living where power outages are the norm and not having a generator of some kind.

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At first, I thought you were asking about landmines.

I vote no for either, though I can see their usefullness. But the costs and risks make them not worth it.

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Got rid of my land line 5 years ago...have never missed it yet. As for the recent Rogers outage... it was a minor inconvenience. If i really needed to make a call i have several VOIP apps to choose from in an emergency...did not need it on that day either. The payment system being down was more troubling as i had to use cash that day in the morning but I did have a few hundred at home and did not have to go to the bank that day.

As for Dave...landmines and landlines, I get those two confused all the time too. it can get dangerous when your phone rings and you try to answer the landmine in your other pocket.


I still have a landline, but only because it is part of my cable/internet package with Shaw. The rest of my services would cost more if I didn’t have one so it is essentially free. I rarely receive a call and 9 out of 10 calls are telemarketers/scammers. I personally no longer have a use for it.

My landline costs waaay less than my wife's cell phone bill. I'm a dinosaur, I've never had a cell phone, just plain out don't want one. Comes from having a job where I had a phone on my desk, & having to carry both a pager & a walkie talkie. If I didn't answer promptly they would try the PA system. Total communications OD. But, being a cordless set, it doesn't work in a power outage either.

I have a land line. No charge as long as we agreed to do away with the copper and go fiber. It even has a battery back up because of a heart monitor in the house. I own a cell phone but only bring it out for road trips with a $15.oo card from Wal-Mart. I don't need nor do I want to be in constant communication with everyone.

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We still have our landline through Shaw which, unfortunately, might be if not already taken over by Rogers.

Went with Virgin Mobile (Bell) to get away from Rogers and now they're trying to cling on.

Yes I have one

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granddad still has a land line....he still lights up when it rings as well. He'll often have conversations with telemarketers.

no one else I know has one.

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landlines doesnt mean rotary phones with no call display ehh :slight_smile: