Lance Frazier released

Frazier released

Among those cuts, Dan Goodspeed, Nick Hutchins

Where are you seeing who else was cut? I have been searching everywhere on the internet, but cant seem to find any updates

I believe they have until Sunday night to set rosters.

I think alotof people somewgat anticipated Goodspeed being cut, but Hutchins is a bit surprising.

I mentioned how bad Frazier looked against the stamps in the preseason thread, but really didnt think he would get cut! I thought perhaps McKenzie.


As Chamblin says...some played their way onto the roster, some played their way off. I would say Frazier played his way off, even though I am still rather surprised, because there was not a glaring pile of outstanding play in the secondary other than Russ and Patrick.

I would think Hill, Smith and West played their way out as well.

I dont thnk Frazier created a turnover last season, so that doesnt help i guess.

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Rumor is apparently started via sportsnet

TSN isreporting that Goodspeed was placed on the 9 game injued list.

Teams had until 22 hours-Eastern time- yesterday to set their active rosters at 46.

The only confirmation we have from the Riders is that Lance Frazier has been released.

While Calgary and Toronto have active rosters at 48 and 49 players respectively, only BC,Hamilton,Montreal and Winnipeg have set their rosters according to approved numbers.

Edmonton and Saskatchewan have rosters in excess of 60 players.


Riders Transactions

Import DL Jay Alford
Import OL Johan Asiata
Non-Import WR Ismael Bamba
Non-Import K Chris Bodnar
Non-Import FB Mathieu Boulay
Import WR Patrick Brown
Non-Import OL Dan Clark
Import LB Chris Francis
Import DB Lance Frazier
Import DB Macho Harris
Non-Import OL Nick Hutchins
Import DB Talmadge Jackson
Import DB Jalil Johnson
Import LB Karl Paymah
Non-Import LB Kevin Regimbald-Gagne
Import DL Kenny Rowe
Import WR Jock Sanders
Import LB Davonte Shannon
Import LB Daniel Sheffield
Import WR Taj Smith
Import DL David Veikune
Import RB DeShawn Wynn

The following players have been added to the injury list:

Non-Import FB Graeme Bell
Non-Import OL Chris Best

The following players have been added to the 9 game injury list:

Import WR Dallas Baker
Import OL Dan Goodspeed
Import QB Levi Brown

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I don't like how we released 2 of our 4 draft picks SMH

Suprising releases


Also not looking good for our Oline with Best and Goodspeed injured

They should have kept bamba over hill
Wynn over west
I am shocked they let Clark go

There are still 47 players on the active roster.-26 imports and 21 non-imports- Who should be out/excluded?


Like many of you I am surprised as to the release of Frazier and Bamba. I did not get to watch any of the pre-season games as i only just got my PVR. The O-Line loosing Clark im not worried about as our OLine has enough GOOD bodies that we'll get it sorted. Glad Sheets made the roster, from the highlights i saw, he was a bright spot in preseason. I kinda hope that we run more to a open up a double threat attack. The run game WILL help open up the pass. Although not really seeing the preseason games, and looking at the numbers our defence gave up 44 then 33... so that is concerning to me. Hope it was not a sign of things to come.

Half your draft picks get released almost every year.

A bit surprised by Bamba, more surprised by Rowe, not surprised by Frazier but wish him the best. Heart and soul player for 7 years.

Goodspeed apparently reinjured an old knee -- back in '06 with the Bombers he lived in the same building as my friend on Portage and he had a bad knee injury that year, don't know if it is same knee -- if you watch Chamblin's video presser of the cuts he says that they intend to move Goodspeed into coaching because of the knee. His playing career is likely over.

I am glad Dallas Baker stayed. I want to see more of him.

Who is Taj Smith? Is he that 6'4 220 reciever?

He was horrid against than Stamps. Thats what I know anyways.

There were some really tough calls to make this year. I don't mind the cuts...a little surprised by some, but all in all looks alright. A NI like Bamba will be a cut to regret.

There were bound to be head scratcher cuts...I am more mystified be keeping Hill and West.

No the six foot 4 guy is Justin Harper, great player loads of potential. Taj Smith had been cut

Thank goodness I was thinking of Justin Harper. The way that guys runs routes, his size, and his agility reminds me alot of Jamal Richardson. Hopefully he lives up to his potential and becomes a key possession reciever for this team

I can't believe they kept Newman-DB. What a joke.