Lancaster's Stubborness !!!!!!!!

What is more important ? Winning the game or
Lancaster making Mass play the whole game and feel "comfortable " while playing poorly and losing another important game?It seems to me that Lancaster's stuborness to insert Eakin or even Williams into agame that Mass is playing poorly is hurting the team and Mass.Why can't we take Mass out for a few series or a quarter and let him come back in relief if needed.
Or is it because the Tigercat organization has invested so much into Mass as our saviour and cannot admit that to us fans that he is anything but our "savior '.Jason Mass makes Danny Mac look like Dan Marino!Danny Mac threw the ball downfield a lot better than Jason and at least we had something to cheer about instead of just 2 measely home points in two home games.

read my post under “play hitchcock and morreale” and maybe you will understand why!

Naw, if you are too lazy to say it here
or give us a link to it, t-cazzos,

I am too lazy to look for it.

lancaster is worse than that earring-wearing thug coach jeff reinbold that coached in winnipeg.

Blah blah blah... team wins give the players credit... team loses blame Lancaster.... ive seen this before.

blah yep lancaster is way to sturbon. if he dossnt like someone he wont play them no matter there skill and he wont change qb's.

Funny I was gonna say the same about Greg Marshall...


Bobby Brooks
Chuck Tack
Marcus Brady
Kwame Cavil
Jon Beutjer

marcus brady is the only one that wassnt given a fair chance on that list.

Not by Marshall.

The topic at hand is stubborness, Beutjer didnt even get a snap, Tack was given 1 game and 2 punts, Brooks sat behind Auggie for 3 games for what purpose?

i no beutjer didnt but marcus was infront of him and he was barely given a chance so. and about tack he was horrible in his 1 game and anyone could tell he took too long to punt the ball especially for our team he can only keep people outta the back field for the shortest time.

Way too many CFL games have come and gone when I've thought to myself that I would like to see a backup QB in there for way too many teams way too many times.

When I really feel it is when it involves Ti-Cats ,whether I'm correct or not isn't at question.

They are stubborn all of them ,coaches that is.

Is it possible that Lancaster was doing a little directing from above with Marshall...Is it possible??? I mean really, He was only in his second year last year, and he did seem to listen to Lancaster a lot...Just My opinion!

And Crash...something we agree on..Jon Beutjer..what a way to waste a guy's year...not 1 snap! :roll:

Was Marshall listening to Lancaster...I think so!

It really bugs me to hear Lancaster take the blame for Marshall being a poor excuse for a head coach.

Why cant people just accept the fact that Marshall created this himself with his inexpereince and lack of knowledge.

im not saying its lancasters fault that marshall scuked because its not but i will tell ya im glad that were guanna have a new head coach next year cuz i might have ta die if we had lancaster again

And just how did you come up with that "opinion".

Do you have even a shred of evidence that Ron in any way persuaded Marshall
to do things in any manner other than his own?
Saying Marshall seemed to listen to him a lot is more than opinion, it's an observation.

Well are correct about it being more of an observation! Look, I'm not anti-Lancaster, but the facts speak for themselves. This is a discussion about Lancaster being stubborn and not willing to try different people! Hey, it looks like he is ready to replace his good buddy PaoPao, but a new HC will want his own "OC"! that is a given!

How many times did we hear Marshall say how much he enjoyed the input of Lancaster? We can go around on this forever, but untill Dave Sauve comes out and tells us what really happened last year...we won't know. My thoughts are that the 3 of them were working together and Lancaster and he didn't see eye to eye on how things were going. Sauve leaves....Lancaster is training Katz...fact.

Put 2 and 2 together. The results speak for themselves. We need a new coach who brings in a new "OC"! Right Now! We are going to lose too many players to free-agency because they didn't want to play here with this set-up!

I'll go a step further...Somebody is going to win a football game Sat. night (unless Ham and Sask tie) and that may just pro-long by another week what needs to be done in both Hamilton and Saskatchewan! Just think about that!

All that typing and not one fact...even though they supposedly speak for themselves.

Put 2 and 2 together. The results speak for themselves. We need a new coach who brings in a new "OC"! Right Now! We are going to lose too many players to free-agency because they didn't want to play here with this set-up!
Didnt you agree that you cant do this yet? You cant institute a new playbook this soon? You cant replace your Head Coach and OC mid season, especially when you are 1 game out of 3rd place.

While i do agree the changes need to and will be made, its too much to expect that they will be done at the same time.

Head Coach? I agree. OC? Not yet.

Hey crash...what is this? wallyspeak? You and I both agree that the HC picks his own "OC". Now having said that, we also discussed the fact that although we didn't have a bye week untill late in the season...the results of late make a drastic change needed imediately!

What we say, really doesn't matter, but I'll put money on the "replacement of PaoPao", if not first...then imediately after a "HC" is announced!

And canucklehead...I did put out the facts...they are there for you to read! Lancaster is the only leftover from the Sauve/Marshall/Lancaster team!

I recall that Ron was quoted early on that if Greg came to him
and asked for his advice he would give it to him.

I never saw Ron and Greg discussing things at practice
nor did I ever read in the papers any comments by Greg
about how helpful Ron's advice had been to him.

Granted woody, things could have gone on behind the scenes
but neither you nor I could have observed them.

Methinks Ron Lancaster is stubborn about what he believes in.

Ron believes in just doing the job that management gave him
as GM and subsequently as Senior Director of Personnel

and NOT INTERFERING with the people management hires
to do their particular jobs such as Greg Marshall.