Lancaster's comments

From the Spec today

Ticat coach Ron Lancaster said his starting passer just didn’t look comfortable.

“At no time offensively did we show that we can move the football and that’s just not good enough,” he.

“Jason was not comfortable. You can ask him that, but I didn’t get the feeling he was comfortable during the ball game. When a quarterback is not comfortable, the defence wins,” Lancaster said.

So why in the heck did he leave him in the entire game??? If the head coach can see or feel that the starting QB is not doing well or in “not cormfortable” why not change QB’s and give us a chance to win, or at very least get the back ups some playing time in case of injury.

Gee... maybe because we don't have a backup capable of winning a game?

The game was within 2 scored for most of it, there was no need to put Eakin in... now if the backup was Danny Mac... i would be all for it.


You could bring in Peyton Manning and he would lose in this offence!

Wrong, a QB that isnt able to throw downfield would hurt us dont u think?

Sigpig is right.. we dont have backup that can come in and win. However, Eakin and Williams both have the physical skills to be dominate QB's but if they never get in to games that are already lost they will never get game time expeirence to better their game. Until that happens things will remain the same!

Crash are saying that Peyton cant throw downfield?

Im saying that Jason Maas cant... so if we had a decent backup that could throw downfield like Danny Mac, we might be in better shape.

But too many people chose to run Danny out of town.

I gotcha... Eakin and Williams can both get it downfield ! TO bad they dont have Dannny Mac's exp. know what I mean?

Both are still unproven, and we've seen what Eakin can do lol...

After a game and a half of no offence!!!Wake up offence--Isnt it time to try something different.?Why have we got a offencive coach for.If he can.t do it get someone who might.

:? :o :twisted:

Because we have a quarterback who can't do much else.

I agree that the game plan is not very effective, but I think that the receivers are not doing their job when it is second down and they cut off their patterns short of a first down. These players have been hyped up but they lack game sense and don't seem to work off of each other but rather run their routes seperate of each other.

They may be young, fast and strong but do not understand the game, they lack the experience to read the defence and react accordingly to be succesful, individually and as a unit.

Time to shake things up and through new combinations out instead a steady diet of the same

I guess because he didn't feel 'comfortable' about making the change....

The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

I know what I want to say ... I just don't know in what TONE I should write that any mention of Danny Mac over Kevin Eakin as a backup QB is completely, and HYSTERICALLY laughable.

I just don't know if a certain tongue was firmly planted in cheek, or the tongue was just drunk on self pity for supporting such a woefully inept organization.

Either way - the suggesstion remains a JOKE in my mind - I mean you just saw HOW BAD this team can make its QB look at home for 2 consecutive games - WITH TWO DIFFERENT QB'S !!

Anyone with half the IQ of a beer bottle could see that each of those games will be the respective QB's MULLIGAN for their career.

That last game was THE PROTOTYPICAL GAME in which to bring in the YOUNG BACKUP in need of EXPERIENCE and a desire for REDEMPTION for his previous start.

Once again, this coachng staff shows ZERO ABILITY to adapt/change/or adjust ... or think ahead.


eakin is a solid backup, you have no clue what your talking abuot, if he was starting from the begining of the season to last saturdays game we would have a wyay beter record

Based on what???

Perhaps some inside information that only you are privy to.

Yeah, that is a pretty bold statement.

I like Eakin's skills and leadership abilities but that whole "10-24 for 64 yards and 3 picks" doesn't help your arguement.