Lancaster.."we have to get better"

in todays spectator..
Lancaster.."we have to get better"

Understatement of the season!

WHat do you expect him to say???

"We did some good things, and we're getting better every game, this team is gonna break out at any time. We're working hard, trying to make good things happen... blah blah blah blah gelling blah blah blah"

Sorry but at least Ron is being honest with the situation.

Look here - ‘We have to get better’ just doesn’t cut it, after 10 games in. This is an admition that currently we ‘stink’, & not likely to get any better.
Wake up folks - this season is done. But next season, we will start with a fresh slate, and hopefully we will improve.

But we have to stop making dumb mistakes like picking Lumsden 1st round, knowing all well he wants the NFL only. This is a no brainer; we gambled & lost.

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

So would you be happier if the coach came out and said, "We stink. We have no chance to win this game. I'm not even going to try. Seaason's over folks."

obviously we have to get better....heck, we can't get much worse!

at least he would be telling the truth

8) "We have to get better", the understatement of the year !!! We have had to get better for the last several years here, and it just ain't happening at all !!! This team is actually getting worse as this season progresses, and that is a real reality !!!!

"a real reality"?

It's amazing the flack sports professionals take from the media and fans. What is he supposed to say? What would you say?

It's always easy to criticize from the lazy-boy.

So its ok for all of us (including yourself) to admit that we stink and the season is over... But Lancaster being honest and saying "we just have to get better" is wrong? How do you figure?

We DO stink, this season is ALMOST a writeoff. Lancaster knows we have the talent and this team is not performing, although it is his job to address that im sure you agree that it wasnt his problem to begin with so its difficult.

Who cares about his little quotes, we all know how bad this situation is.

Crash, I think I was looking for a little from the late/great Vince Lombardi to motivate the players...something like "take a look at the wall gentlemen...Angelo Mosca...Garney Henley...they played each and every game with their heart and soul and that doesn't seem to be happening here. Look in the mirror men, and say "I gave 100%" and you will not be ashamed"

Something like that.

Generalities just don't cut in sports or in business.

These boys need a wake up call for sure and Lancaster's comment didn't do it in my opinion.

No - that is not what I am saying. All I want is for Management to stop 'sugar coating', & make some changes.
It seems that every year, it is something else. 1 year it is lack of talent; next it is injuries; now it is all the above, & coaching too.
If the guys here can't get the job done, find someone who can. Or at least, find someone who can 'coach'.

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

What he says to the team and what he says to the media are 2 different things.

He's been put in a bad enough situation, so lets start criticizing his comments?

His first press conference was full of good motivational tidbits, since then if the players have not responded then they will be shipped out.

Im sorrybut its my opinion that pro athletes dont need Ron Lancaster to motivate them, how about the threat of losing their job? Shouldnt that be enough?

I dont think Ron is sugar coating anything, i think we removed the coach that sugar coated everything.

Hes being honest. Its all i want from him.

Don't confuse what he says to the press with what he may be saying behind closed doors. Why should he do anything but talk in generalities to the Spec?

Somehow I think it will take more than words to wake them up anyway.

8) The reality is that this team is getting worse as the season progresses and to suggest otherwise is laughable !!! Any knowlegable fan can see that, especially any longtime season ticket holder !! What do you think we are going to do, compliment the team and the coaching staff on the great season we are having !!!

I guess some people must be watching this team through rose coloured glasses, instead of a lazy-boy !!!

Hey crash did you watch the game Saturday?You say were getting better,and are going to break out any time.Could you explain to us how were getting better.
The game I remember is that we got our butts kicked again.
The defence was on the field to long,the offense was misssing again,and our special teams were junk.
Yes Lancaster is being honest,but it is odvious we need to get better,we cant get any worse.

I agree with you - the team is getting worse.

I'm just wondering what a "real reality" is. Is that like a proof being a proof and you know it's a proof when it's proven?

Again, most arm-chair QBs/coaches/GMs I know think they are right one hundred percent of the time. A strange phenomena, but ... proven.

i was thinking and have come to the conclusion that the ticats need help. maybe the solution is to charge them the expansion team fee and let them join the expansion draft with ottawa next year.


Did u even read my post? What i wrote would be exactly something Greg Marshall would have said, every week the same thing about how we're gonna get better.

What I said is that Rons comments were honest and to the point. He doesnt have to sugar coat things in some attempt to keep his job.