Lancaster: Truth Wins.


Re: "Same guy,reduced role."

Interesting insights, from another paper and reporter of course, on what really went on and what kind of man Lancaster is.

No doubt his detractors,critics, haters still smug at his demotion will have no trouble spinning it, might even call him a liar.

But for him its vindication.

I never doubted that the team was not going to find something for matter what the Speculator said

"When Rob took over as GM (in 2005) I didnt make football decisions anymore...."

Pretty well sums it up.

The only question is who will the people that wanted to lynch Lancaster for 05-06 blame now?

I still lay part of the blame on Lancaster. He still showed up every day at IWS and no matter how much anyone wants to deny it, the mere appearance on a daily basis influences the entire team, coaches and players. That is not to absolve Marshall of responsibility as he has more than his fair share of mistakes to answer for but Lancaster being downtown as opposed to at IWS will remove one more excuse for players to lack accountability as its one less person to run to when there is disagreement with the coaches. IMO Desjardins should make himself unavailable to players as well and let the coach handle player gripes

IMO Desjardins should make himself unavailable to players as well and let the coach handle player gripes
This may be one of the dumbest things that i have ever read. How does cutting off all communication between the GM and players benefit the team? Shouldnt these men be building relationships with one another? Leadership starts at the top.

He seemed to make himself VERY (almost too) available to the players last season.

But there was likely a 'method to the madness'.

And some players are - or already have ... 'paid the price'.

Since we didn't have a head coach he obviously could not undercut his authority. As long as Desjardins unfailingly supports his coaches position the players will have no reason to go crying to him. Seems from the cuts he may agree with that theory. I'll bet the players cut first were the biggest crybabies. I'll also bet that players will get the message not to bother the GM with a coaching matter.

No the players don't need a relationship with the GM. They need a relationship with the coaching staff. That's really difficult to build if the player is bypassing the coach and trying to influence policy and strategy thru a 3rd party. The coach and GM should be the ones with the strong personal relationship and the coach should feel free to say what he feels about players without fear that it might get back to them without his consent

VERY available to the players?

NOT! Aloof and distant rather.

If he was available, it was to anyone eager to spread rumours
about player's attitudes and performance before he arrived.'re missing a number in your link...should read:



good, thanks.

Great article. Good luck to Ronnie in his new role!

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