Lancaster the highlander!

Let me know if I'm wrong but is Lancaster not 68 years old. He's been asked to be coach,gm,some other position they made up,head coach again and now offensive co-ordinator. When they fire Kavis and Erdman next week I'm sure he will be defensive co ordinator and special teams coach to. I think the organization thinks this guy is the highlander and expect him to be around for another 100 years.

I really liked the original Highlander movie, but thought the sequals were quite mortal.

Didn't they make a television show that died a quick death?

There can be only one!

Don't worry they'll bring in guys from the marketing department to give him a hand.

Damn!...fooled again!

I thought this thread was going to be about Ron changing his citizenship to the "real" good guys!

Scotland Forever! :wink:

That's a cute skirt...even on an Australian.

Wrong Highlander but I hope Ron has better future than that guy had.

I dont know what this has to do with anything, but the tv show lasted 6 season and was one of the many great shows made in vancouver, except when they went to france.

Really? Sorry, I don’t watch much television. Not since the greatest television show shot in Vancouver got cancelled…

Trust No One

X-files wasn't cancelled. Unless your talking about 21 jump street.

Cancelled...ran out of ideas...greed. Whatever. The first few years were still some of the best television ever made.

Yeah, and the movie was probably one of the better t.v to flicks ever made.

hmmm...Ottawa Highlanders...I could live with it

The Ti-Lander


I doubt Relic was THAT paranoid.

thats disturbing. :frowning:

now thats funny :lol:

i love it!

The Ti-Lander picture should have its own thread today so everyone can have a laugh. I went to bed laughing, hats off to the creative genius! :thup: