Lancaster Story in Spec

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Delicate byline from Spec.

Stay tuned to hear whether little general will accept move to Main St HQ

With Desjardins and Taaffe bringing in their own people its hardly surprising.

After all he has done for this team they better do right by RON . He took the heat for the bad moves of the owner and Katz.

What surprises me is that a GM outranks director of operations!

I hope they Keep Ron Around Somewhere?
Public Relations or Business Side

Lancaster has been offered a job as he should be. Whether he decides to take it or not is strictly up to him and the organization should not take any heat either way. They are doing the right thing, move him out of the day to day football decision making process but offering him a position as ambassador recognizing his contributions and popularity. The question is will he be stubborn like Pat Quinn and leave on bad terms or will he graciously accept that he can contribute better in another capacity. The choice is his

If he decides to leave why would it be because he is stuborn? Why would it not be because he has decided to go a different direction in his life? Maybe there are other offers out there to do other things than football?
The choice is his to do what is best for HIM.

As a Dallas Cowboys fan in 1988, I beg to differ with the statement above. When Jerry Jones bought the team, he showed Tom Landry and Tex Schramm the door, and everyone screamed like it was sacreligious, and look what happened. They did alright afterwords. You have to move forward in the business of professional sports. Sentimentality only gets you left behind.

The article says they wanted to maintain a community relations role for Ron Lancaster. What more do you want?

And of course he is going to take the heat for the moves surrounding the football team, his title was "Senior Director of Football Operations." I think that warrants a bit of responsibility if you ask me.

Glad he's out of the important part of the picture. I'm sure he did his share of medling and intimidating, particularly where Greg Marshall was concerned.
Kicking him upstairs or out of the fold was the smartest course of action at this stage.
It was very apparent over his past few seasons that he wasn't a happy camper. He bitched at players, coaches and fans alike.

We have all acknowledged Ron's football exploits in the past and thanked him for his great work, but I doubt that he would ever have quit on his own, so the next best thing has occured and Lancaster's jurisdiction and out dated ideas with the team are now in the past.

Now, lets get on with the task of rebuilding this mess.

Just to let you know that everyone I have talked to within the organization, from coaches to players to office staff stated that Lancaster never meddled. As a matter of fact the coaches since Greg Marshall took over were not allowed to talk to Lancaster. Greg made his own mess.

If he leaves because he wants to retire I completely agree with you. If he leaves because he believes he will get work in football more directly related to everyday football operations he is stubborn like Quinn for not realizing he has nothing to offer in that reguard that is in demand.

Sorry but I just don't believe the truth is being told here. Would you slam a legend that just happens to hold authority over you? Not me, I need my job. This is not to suggest Marshall forbade the coaches from talking to Lancaster. If Lancaster actually was meddling that is exactly what he should have done. Methinks that both Marshall and Lancaster were at fault and that the radicals in both Marshall's camp and Lancaster's camp are completely out to lunch

Yes but turbo you only gave one reason for him leaving and that was because he was stubborn. I was pointing out that we will never know why Lancaster will make the decision. We will not know what made him pick one thing over the other unless we are in the inner circle of his family and friends. And you might be wrong in thinking that another team would not want him and his football knowledge. Maybe there is a program out there where he could teach and work with young Canadian QB's and maybe just maybe help them be as well prepared to join the professional ranks as the American ones.

Give it a rest folks. Marcel was clearly hired to run the football operation, and with just cause. Suggesting that we can't have two cooks in the kitchen is not a slight on Ron. It doesn't mean the franchise is not thankful and repectful of Lancaster. It just means that this is the beginning of a new era. The way I read it Ron is a welcome member of the Ticat family. He has earned the right to decide if he wants to accept a new role, or if he'd rather move on (likely ending his CFL career). Cripes, we don't even know if he's upset about all this. All we know is that he's asked for some time to think about it. Peace

Work with young Canadian QBs. rofl

Lancaster? The guy that NEVER allowed a young QB an opportunity no matter how badly the vereran was playing?

OK whatever you say

I am certain he won’t be offered a more meaningful job than the Cats have much the same as Quinn didn’t, thus the comparison.

Exactly Nova

I'd like to see Ron back in CFL broadcasting: I think he did a pretty decent job at CBC in the '80's, sharing his tremendous football knowledge with TV fans.

Ron Lancaster coached like he played, GreatBalls of fire , first pro Qb over 50,000 Yards!

Yes, it is unfortunate but necessary that this has happened. I knew Lancaster 20 years ago when he was in broadcasting and living in Ancaster and he is a great guy, but the decision-making by committee on the football ops side can't continue and obviously won't.

There needs to be a clear hierarchy of accountability and Marcel is establishing it: GM, Coach, Assistants, Players.

I think offering him a community relations position is a great idea and extremely respectful. The GM and Coach must have the freedom to hire their own people in order to succeed.