Lancaster staying with the team....

(As seen in Mikey's link to the Toronto Star article)

Okay, with all the massive steps forward, appears a major step back. The only consistant in the last few years of major mediocrity, Lancaster, still has a job. Somehow. Now, I know all you Lancaster lovers are going to jump me now, because we all know Lancaster is the second coming. Honestly, Lancaster is done, sure he was a great coach, player, mentor, etc. But it's over, he needs to pack his bags, and retire. We wanted changes, why can't this one thing be dealt with? Hell, if you the team wants him to stay on, why don't they just move him to play-by-play. That way, when the Ticats are losing, he can pull the plug and piss off all the radio listeners.

Maybe Marcel wants him around, Maybe Charlie Taaffe wants him around?

Let the football people make football decisions, where have I heard that before?

Good post Crash, short and to the point.

......Maybe he will be our new OC. :roll:

it always amazes me how how people , who haven't even thrown a football before know more about what goes on in a football organization and what should be done with the team than the people who have spent half their lives around a pro camp.

Always fun to read atleast. :roll:

Maybe the new QB coach.

Isn't that the point of "Discussion Forums"? To allow the fans of a team to express their opinions about the team?

You don't have to agree with what is written, but don't try to qualify someone because they don't have what you or "Crash" deem as the necessary credentials to have an opinion.

And I am not just saying this because I completely agree with the person that started this topic!

  • paul

Maybe they want ol' #23 to play? The way Maas played last season, you can't discount Lancaster lacing 'em up in 2007. :wink: At worst, Lancaster would be number 2 on the Cat's depth chart at QB.

An Argo fan

Who cares what capacity lancaster is kept on for. marcel and taffe are their own men. (at least it would appear this way)During the marshall years lancaster was allowed to have more say and input because of marshalls inexperience. i dont think we need to worry about this at the present time. Lancaster is not dealing with the players or contracts and this is a good thing.

it is obvious that lancaster is too good for hamilton. He should go elsewhere, to where he would be justifiably more appreciated. Those of you knocking Ronnie deserve a losing team. Too bad the smarter Ticat fans have to suffer along with you.

A bad word is hardly ever said about Ron Lancaster
--CFL coaches,
--CFL players,
--Newspaper Sports writers,
--TV Sports commentators,
--Radio Sports commentators.

That's good enough for me.

How do these naysayers with no first hand knowledge
who keep regurgitating each other's prattle explain that?

Ron for President!! ...of Ethiopia

...the sooner the better for the Cats.

So many Ticat fans like to attack their own, nomatter who it is.

We could have Wally Buono in here and 1 losing season would be enough to run him out of town.

Miller91 is just regurgitating a popular comment here

when he says

'the only consistant in the last few years of major mediocrity,
Lancaster, still has a job.' laughinghard.

Riddle me this, batman.

Police are always seen at the scene of a crime.

Hmmm..does that mean

the Police are responsible for these crimes?


You don't have to answer this one Miller91

because at your tender age, your brain
hasn't maturated to an adult's level
of rational thinking yet.

You are sorta at the Miller-lite stage.

It never ceases to amaze me that some folks insist that non-athletes are automatically are unable to form an intelligent thought about athletics. These kinds of folks are the incmpotent ones IMO.

If it ws one season I'd be with you but Lancaster has a long history of failure. His overall record is just around .500 because for every season his team excelled he had a disasterous season. Since his past several seasons have been disasters I say its time for him to move on. In 99 I was a big fan but he hasn't been that guy in a very long time.

You're right, he forgot everything he knew about football.

Ignore the lack of ownership and team going bankrupt... Ron should have told them "Hey guys, we know you arent being paid... but please play hard"

He didn't forget what he knew, what he knew isn't relavent any longer and his comunications skills are no longer what they were as he has become outdated. Thats a fact of life for the older worker no matter what profession he/she is in. Some things are cruel but unavoidable. Ron wasn't dealing with any of those problems this season and it was quite apparent that few were listening to him and he had little patience for the players

You are free to line yourself up with
the johnny-one-note naysayers, turbo

but Ron was only one cog in
the football operations wheel.


He has never been the man at the top
except for a few months in 2004.

If we follow that logic come
Mike Mc Carthy never gets blamed
for our poor record since 1999?

Actually McCarthy’s arrivals usually meant an improvement although lately I’d have to say he’s lost his touch. No point in having him around wither IMO. As for the one note dig I’d say you are equally guilty of blind following in your defense of the man. I thought he was great and believe he’s lost it. You however refuse to even look at the possibility that he might have. I say good luck to Ronnie if he gets another job somewhere else and I hope he proves me wrong but I’m not willing to risk MY team’s future on that gamble.