Lancaster on the fan590?

Chuck said he might be on in 20-15 minutes.

lancaster was on there,...talked about firing the coaches, and that he, lancaster, is now OC.

The interview is now up at the hotaudio section for those who missed it.


Thanks r4758! Good to hear it firsthand...

The most important comments came at the end of the interview. In most sport's interviews, nothing substantial is said. This interview is the rare exception.

Chuck Swirsky:

You're taking over the offence. So, for the average John Doe that's going to watch this football game with the Argonauts, what kind of difference are we going to see?

Ron Lancaster:

First off, is I told Perry Marchese, who's our guy who worked with Joe, and Craig Smith who both were in training camp, and Perry's been here all year but Craig worked in training camp when the offence was put in so he knows it from the beginning.

I tell them we're the Katz and Jammer Kids.

We're going to run the offence.

Perry's going to have an awful lot to say about it from the standpoint that he understands it the best.

What we're doing is simplifying.

It's like a golf swing. They say when you're having trouble in golf go back to the grip.

Well, we're going right back to training camp.

And, basically we're going there because of me.

I need to learn this offence.

I have an offence in my head but it's not Joe's.

And, we're not going to change the personel, but I'm going to get to the place where I understand it.

We're going to simplify it from the standpoint.

I think we're in a situation now where the less we do the better chance we have of doing it right.

Let's get away from this try and fool him stuff and let's go knock people around and play football the way it was designed to play. And then we don't need a lot of plays because in a football game you can practice 100 plays but when you get into the game you end up running about 10 to 15.

That's all.

So let's just try to find us 15 plays that we can go out and execute for 3 hours here on next Monday against the Argonauts.

The tough part is we haven't scored a touchdown in 3 games at home.

Now we're playing a team that doesn't let anyone score touchdowns.

That's their strength so it's going to be a heck of a battle over here for us to get it done.

But you know what?

We're going to get it there somehow.

We need to get this ship started somewhere and get this car rolling in the right direction.

Let's get away from this try and fool him stuff and let's go knock people around and play football the way it was designed to play
Shade of HAMILTON football of days gone by....let's get back to smashmouth football and it will produce W's

A lot of what Ronny said is just mis information, he knows the argos are listening. Saying they’re only going to use 15 plays is a bit silly, there’s no way anyone in Toronto will believe that.

But I love what he said about this trick play fooling them stuff, there was so many games early on where Joe would kill a drive by calling a trick play after they’d put a few first downs together, it would always blow up in their face and kill any momentum and flow they had going.

Is this the end of the shovel pass?

I hope so. I also hope Ron doesn't love the hitch pass as much as jr.

Thanks for the transcript of what Ron Lancaster said
on Chuck Swirsky's TheFan590 Radio Show today.

If you will permit me, r4758, one correction

Ron said he, Perry and Craig would be
the Katz and Jammer Kids
not the catch and jammer kids.

Apparently, these characters were from pre-comic book days.

Maybe Wilf remembers what they were like.

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Ahhh, it makes sense now.

This comic is before my time so I really had no idea what Ron was talking about.

I will make the correction. Thanks for pointing this out.

I agree with your 15 play statement.. a tad silly to believe that but I like the idea of in your face football coming back to the jungle.. teams have NOT been afraid to climb the fence in our backyard cuz there has been no bite as of late, hopefully that will change with a change in the scheme of things

A correction to your correction :lol: It was the Katzenjammer Kids (see below) -- and I can see Lancaster has s very dry sense of humour. :cowboy:

[url=] ... /about.htm[/url]

Yeah, I'm sure all the people listening got his obscure

reference to a comic from the 1860's.


I'll settle for some some plays that pound Holmes and Ranek at the opposition and make sure that Brock, Vaughn, Morreale and Peterson are all out of breath and have sore hands from catching the football by half time.
Thats the easy part. Its the O-line that needs to shape up more than anything else.
Lets just hope the team becomes competitive for the remainder of the season so they can at least hold their heads up when its over.

Amen to that

So now the Team is known as The Katz-and-Lanner Kids???? :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

C'mon, that one was just too easy :lol:

How would a young pup like me know
about the Cat’s Pajamas Kids?

Blame the source I googled…Vera.

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