Lancaster not on radio

Anyone know why Ron is not on the radio

Not that I'm upset that Coach Sal is On the airwaves.

Just hope nothing is wrong with Ron.


Apparently Ron is not feeling well...I think I read in Ken Peters' blog that he called Coach Sal and asked him to fill in.


sure do hope its nothing serious.

don't you just love the 4 second tv delay :lol:

It was mentioned in the Spec that he called coach Sal. Wasn't feeling well.


Who would have thought.....

Be Thankful for everything this weekend everyone..



What is this topic doing on Tigercat chat????

because the initial poster was asking why ron wasn't on the radio doing commentary for the TIGER-CATS games

The post made just at the start of the first road game that Ron was looking forward to.

I learned a long time ago, "if you quote me Date me"

Zorro 1941: When an old thread like this is opened up or anytime, really, have a quick look at date relevance.

and why would this NOT be welcome on Ticats-Chat.....Have things changed ????