Lancaster must retire.

Coaches are responsible for teaching players in improving their technique and placing them in positions to win. Ultimately if a player is not correctable regarding execution or cannot adhere to the system, it is the job of management (read the GM to recruit and the coach to evaluate on-field performance) to replace those players. it is a food chain issue thoroughout pro sports.

If the recruitment/scouting side does bring in decent personnel, then the coaches need to develop that talent.

Players play, but not in a vacuum. That's why coaches of the year in every sport have a shelf life. Period.

Matthews doesn't drop balls...neither do receivers on his teams -- for long. Of course with younger players, you give a little more slack as those mental aspects that "slow the game" down for veterans often haven't kicked in yet for the newer guys.

I have never seen it as an either/or context re blame. It is a collective dynamic. What is clear to me is that players who buy into a coach's system and can develop their instinctive reactions within that structure tend to excel far more than a freelancer, unless we are talking a physically-gifted superior athlete.

The biggest difference between a Mike Pringle and a Lawrence Phillips is that Mike got this and learned to maximize his talents within the Montreal system. Phillips proved incorrigable and uncoachable and is now orange jumpsuit material.

It is sad, but so often true, that guys were have the gifts to perform simply screw up royally because they don't get the chance to be coached by good men with a solid knowledge of the game and an accountability with the players forged through a solid system where each player fully understands his role within that dynamic, play by play, set by set.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think Oski made it very well.

With that impressive list of off-season signings you cite, it's hard to argue that the team has no talent. With all that talent, you'd think this team would be good to great, but they're playing beyond bad, so...

Players make mistakes and there's not much a coach can do about that. But if the same players continue to make the same mistakes week after week...

You can just keep watching and grumbling as the players play below their ability every week or you can look at bit higher up the chain to see if there is someone in the org responsible for not allowing that to happen.

In this screwy organization it's hard to say who is responsible for what, but there's got to be someone beyond the players responsible for on-field performance.

He already has!

mike macarthy is the only one who should stay......they need to clean house except for him.....

thesixes wrote:

mike macarthy is the only one who should stay......they need to clean house except for him.....
Maybe Mike should be the next GM and assemble a winning coaching staff.

We need a young vigorous coach....kinda like Greg Marshall. :o

If this situation was my kid playing pee-wee, I would agree 100%. A good coach can make the learning curve fun and understandable... but i think we are a little bit past having fun at practice.
We have seen a glimpse of a great team in Montreal a few weeks ago,same coaches, same players, a lot more passion!
I'm not asking for the axe on or off the field, I just truly believe if the players play SMART with PRIDE, for 60mins, we will all have something to cheer about at the end of this season.