Lancaster Mention on NFL broadcast

Was anybody else shocked when during the colts/broncos game today, in the 4th quarter they mentioned Ron Lancaster? Unbelievable!

What did the broadcasters say about him?

They also mentioned Kenton Keith playing for the Roughriders as well saying he rushed for more the 1000 yards last season.

They were talking about how Mike Murphy who is a Colts coach used to coach in the CFL in the 70's or something and he went down south to try and lure players to come play north. Apparently Ron Lancaster went with him on the trip.

Murphy and Lancaster had gone down to try and get Phil Simms to join the Riders. Simms said they had a briefcase full of cash to entice him but he decided to wait for the NFL draft and the rest is history. Simms also mentioned that the Producer(?) knew a lot about Lancaster