Lancaster make a decision!

If Lancaster doesn’t sit Quinnie and Maas soon we are done. Lancaster needs to make a statement. At least for the fans. I saw the Quinnie fumble coming a mile a way. It’s the same story as last week. Sit someone. Maybe Lancaster should sit out himself. Let’s go already!

Well, unfortunately, I'd have to agree with the Maas "sit down" anyways.

For whatever reason - (and not just based on this game) - he just hasn't been able to live up to the hype, nor the expectations.

It's actually very sad, but I must agree - he's certainly had enough time to "gel", and just hasn't produced.

It's time for a change.

It's like the movie ground hog day, everything is the same every week. On real football teams guys like Quinne, Powel, Peterson and Maas don't get to keep thier jobs when they stink! It's that simple.

The Jason Maas situation is out of Lancaster’s hands.
Dejardins has already told Jason he will finish the season with him.
In a way, I don’t blame Dejardins for his decision, but now that they are unofficially out of the playoff race, I would really like to see Williams start a game or two.
This would give team officials a chance to see him in game conditions and make a decision on whether or not to keep him in town for next year.
Maas has been allowed over the past couple of games to call his own shots, yet he continues to fail. He did play better today, but still gave up the ball too many times and is pretty much incapable of throwing long balls accurately. (Tends to under throw, as was the case on a very critical play to D.J. Flick in the 4th quarter)
Even though it is nearly impossible to sign talented players for next year, the Ticat organization needs to layout all their possible plans for next season and act on them as soon as time legally allows them to do so.