Lancaster, Maas, and Katz re the debacle

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There you go.

Oski Wee Wee,

Those interviews were from today I assume? (Sunday)

thanks Russ :thup:

I presume so.

Everyone is at a loss as to where to go next. Time will make things right. Ouch

I live in Saskatchewan and attended the Hamilton/ Sask game. I was disgusted at how they, the players, just gave up. Maas was looking disgusted on the field. He's trying but he's getting NO support. If your down you can't stop trying, they just gave up after the first quarter. Hamilton is my team and always will be. It's time to start benching or firing some of the players, they just aren't trying. My daughters boyfriends high school team puts in more of an effort. Saturdays game was a disgrace. They have the talent, what's going on, I just don't get it. I'm taking a beating from the local red necked wheat heads here. Come on guys.

Oh after watching Jason talk there, I'd just love to give the guy a hug (and most of the other guys on the team too).

I don't like what's happening with the team one single bit - but I sure do like the players. I really and truly don't believe for one second that they're going out and intentionally losing ball games. I think they're trying. And I think saying something positive to them - at least as individuals - could go a long way right now towards helping them prepare better for their next game. Wow... they're hurting... that's so obvious. They know we are too.

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You're welcome.