Lancaster Comments

After listening to Ron Lancasters post game comments on CHML , I have to say good Riidance ! He kept on referring to the team in the third person , blmaing evryone but himself . Has he not been collecting a salary for the last 12 games ? If his intentions were to be just a critical bystander he should never have accepted the position of interim coach !He was rude and obnoxiuos . Even the announcers were taken aback . It's time this organization smartened up and sends him packing . Never mind keeping him around for his experience as consultant etc .. Experience at what ? Losing ? He has been a negative influence and appears to have a chip on his shoulder for the last 7 years . His win loss record as coach speaks for itself ? He's downright miserable and it shows .

oh bull.

Why? What good has he done ????????

oh grow up

That's the best you can come up with ?

The answer to your question has been talked about in great detail in a number of threads. Lookf for them. I am not going to go to the trouble of repeating it all, specially for someone who not only questions Ron football worth, but attacks his character. Only a punk would do that.

He won us a greycup.

Sometimes the truth hurts. I agreed with pretty much all of what he said.

He said the defence was “dumb”, and took some stupid penalties. True.

He said Eakin can throw the ball hard and far, but wasn’t very accurate. True.

He said the O-Line played terrible and couldnt block anyone in the second half especially. True.

He said that none of the players could complain about fan support throughout the season, and it was too bad that things couldnt work out. True.

Are you expecting him to take all the blame for the team playing poorly?

No .it's mostly his attitude. And what has he really done as interim coach ? He's been here for most of the season .

What do you want him to do as intern coach? And, what kind of attiude do you want. It's hard to be cheery when you, for lack of a better word, s.uck.

So he's not responsible for any of it ? What was the point of letting Marshall go and bringing him then ?

Why is it when someone is at the end of there career you guys want to throw him to the Wolves?
Lancaster didnt want to coach this year,he did it because we had no one else to fill in.
Maybe a nice thank you for helping us out when no one else would dare..
Look what happened to Danny Mac,as soon as he started to play bad he became a bum and was junk...
Instead of running these guys out of town we should be thanking them for bringing us to 2 greycups and winning 1.Something we havn't done since 1986...
I'll tell you I hope when some of you guys are ready to retire your not treated like so many guys are who come through Hamilton....

I don't really know. I wasn't a big fan of letting Marshall go in the first place. In my opinion, Marshall shouldnt have been here to start the season, but, once he started we should have let him finish it up.

as a member of the ticats staff, he shares in the responsibility, no more, no less. However, regardless of any possible failings regarding the on field product, there is absolutely nothing wrong with his attitude. Ron Lancaster has earned the respect he has many times over, on and off the field.

About Ron, Mark is right on, you ass!

And I'm not a punk.

Woah. This thread sure escalated quickly. I mean, it really got out of hand. :lol:

yeah, it sure got smelly real fast with one turd defending another...PU :lol:

I really can't understand why you would be defending Ron's position after his act this year.

Let me start this by saying I’m a Lancaster fan. In the pre and post game comments he was asked if there were any thoughts on his last coaching game at Ivor Wynne. He abruptly said “NO?!!!!

Have you ever met or worked with someone who had a bad attitude about his job. You knew that they were done? This is what it seemed like to me. I’m not saying that his attitude shouldn’t be deserved. But listening to his tone and what he said I think it is the right time that he’s leaving.

Thanks Ron for the fun times and what you brought to the team when you got here from Edmonton. I was in BC in ’99 at the team’s hotel when Ozzy carried the Grey Cup into the lobby with Ronnie beside him. Oh, the memories………….


I am not defending Ron the coach, others can and have done that quite well. I am defending Ron the man, who deserve a lot more respect than a few of you have shown.