lancaster, as your first moves, please...

-demote Kamau Peterson to backup and promote Quinnie to start in his place

-get Kwame Cavil in a game somehow

-yell at the O-Line to open up some running holes

-cut Fleming and let Boreham do both punting and field goals

-cut the first player who takes a selfish penalty

-impose a "winning is the only thing that matters" attitude. No more of this "we're a good team even though we just lost another one" Greg Marshall nonsense.

-demote Kamau Peterson to backup and promote Quinnie to start in his place
How about... Start Ralph at Wideout for Kamau, allow Cavil to take Quinnie's roster spot.

I wouldnt start Quinnie, i would rather see Flick - Yeast - Ralph - Vaugh - Cavil out there.

I hope Lancaster is brief in his new coaching job. I don't think he is up to the new CFL expectation and plays. Joe
couldn't do it so far this season as offensive coach how can he do it for head coach. Again, all this depends on who really calls the plays. Maybe it's the man upstairs. Bottom line the team needs to get it together. It is a team sport.

Agreed. Ralph is the fastest guy on the team, start him at WR. Cavil has to get in the lineup & Kamau hasn't impressed.

Also, call a frickin' screen play on 2nd & long when you know they're blitzing!

What I would like Lancaster to do is......everything differently than how he did it the last 2 years he was here!!!! I smell Danny MAC coming back to be our QB and Darren Flutie stretching in Boston!!!!!


Quinnie has been awful. He has earned nothing. Yelling in the organization anywhere right now is a one way ticket out. Stupid penalties will now result in lost playing time, with backups having legitimate spots to advance. As far as receivers go, Brock's pathetic TD drop should have him on the outside looking out. The kicking game is under high pressure. Someone(s) will be leaving barring a dramatic turnaround. Big roster moves are not required from day 1 of the new tenure. Evaluating from scratch across the board and retooling as necessary is. The new season starts Friday! Nobody should be judged on the past 4 games, good or bad, but rather how they are going to move this team forward into a championship contender.

Agreed. Ralph is the fastest guy on the team, start him at WR. Cavil has to get in the lineup & Kamau hasn't impressed.
I'd be the fastest guy on the team too if I always had a three yard head start. I'd settle for someone slower who could stay on side and catch a pass when we needed it

Well, he did grant the wish of those who prayed for a major change. :wink:

I think the change in attitude is the biggest thing that has to happen. With only 4 days to prepare I don't expect to see too many changes in philosophy yet; more variety calling the plays would be a great start.

I would like Kwame to get in the game and dearly hope Holmes is able to play at close to 100%, but not if it means risking more time away.

The O-line's blocking has got to improve drastically or Coach K's walking papers will be signed within a fortnight. It all starts there - give Maas some time to work, and Ranek some room to run!

Okay. I agree Demote Kamau to back up but to have Quinnie replace him nuh uh sorry. Move Brock Ralph To Wideout. He has speed & would excel there & that will Allow Kavil To get some playing time behind Craig Yeast, & once you see how good Kavil is he will evenually replace Yeast In the starting SB postion.

Do not Cut Fleming Do NOT cut him. They took him in the Ottawa draft because Boreham punting last year was terrible! Since Boreham has been the kicker, they've brought in punters to try and take the load off of Boreham, There was that Barker guy a few years ago & There was that Chuck Tact guy who lasted a few games. Fleming Is one of the CFL's best punters but cant kick a field goal at all. I say Boreham goes and they use that American they signed a few weeks ago, Jon Ruffin i think his name is.


Im sorry but the cats are gettting killed in the secondary! besides Goss returing that interception for 106 yards our Secondary has been terrible. Its killing me, I want To see Scott Gordon In The Game as safety Sooo bad!!! This guy can hit harder then any player in the CFL probally one of the best! He has such strong force & move Wayne Shaw to the Corner where Kornegay Is playing. Please & I wanna see how that NFL Corner Echols can play. This Secondary can be soo much better if the right players are in.

& I Agree Lose the "Everybodys A winner" Approach & lets Win Some Football Games Under Ron, something he failed to do in his last season in Hamilton.

One last thing... What was the name of that QB that Hamilton had in Training camp? He played in the 1st Game In Toronto & he threw a TD To Morrealle in like triple coverage? Does anyone know his name? I dont think Hes with the cats anymore?

Boreham only has one job to focuse on right now and look how terrible he is doing that.

Completely agree! Finally someone gets it

cut Fleming and Boreham you can find guys out of high school that can kick better if anything cetainly not worse

I hope Ron brings Ron Jr back to town also.

i think part of the problem with flemming is him beeing asked to punt the ball to the sidelines where most times your not going to get a long punt not too many punters can do it also last week against montreal hes asked to punt from montreals 35 yd line instead of a fg no sense punting in the end zone for a single so he probably let up on it of course if he had punted in the endzone we might have got a td from the fumble but well never know ps i agree with the rest of your suugested changes got to sit peterson and put cavil in cant do any worse

Um.... Didn't you guys scream for Lancasters head the last time he coached the Ti-Cats? I agree, that I'm not a big Marshall fan, but I don't know if Lancaster is the answer.

hahahahah Omg im laughing sso hard that was a great joke man wow

I agree man, I really do but honestly Marshall had to go & you couldnt replace him with Paopao just yet because the offence this year has been lacking. Just Celebrate with the rest of us Marshall Gone & Lancaster & Paopao Have Chemistry from Edmonton back in the earlier 90's & from what ive been told Kavis Reed Played under Lancaster So Lancaster knows Paopao & knows Reed real well. Marshalls gone thats all i care about

I didn't, for the record. I am sure that we will do better with the personnel changes we've made. The crucial thing is that the message that continued futility is not on has been sent.

Oski Wee Wee,

[quote="BobzillaAgreed. Ralph is the fastest guy on the team, start him at WR.
I think quinnie might be faster than ralph. so id like to see him out there and get a chance.

You're thinking of Patrick Josten, and you're right, the cats cut him before the start of the year.

As for moves, I really would like to see Cavil get some solid playing time in the offensive ranks.

RE: Willie Quinnie, I think he should continue to play. I think if his 4.3 speed would be properly utilized, he could be a legitimate deep threat. I was impressed at his ability to return kicks too, so platooning him with Yeast seems like a good plan at this point.

Finally, someone mentioned the secondary and Wayne Shaw. First, in my opinion the secondary has been playing very well, and holding Anthony Calvillo to only 195 yards passing is evidence of that. Ever since the cats acquired Wayne Shaw, I've wanted him cut, but this year I've seen big improvements in him. He's getting beat in the passing games less and less, and is making an impact on defence by doing a good job of forcing fumbles. In my opinion, the secondary and Wayne Shaw are not at all to blame for the 0-4 start.