lancaster and katz conspired to get rid of marshall fingering him as the problem...well we all know now where the problem lies...ron couldn't get over his ego when marshall turned the team around and won coach of the year....and katz...who is this guy..he doesn't have an ounce of cfl young you had better surround yourself with people who have cfl credentials and who shouldn't be in a retirement home or you will lose the support you worked so hard to aquire.

I hear the Olson twins are going to be made interm GM and Coach next! They don't know much about football but I'm sure they can sell tickets! :wink:


Not so sure about Katz But in my book Lancaster and PaoPao have be gone.

The under use of Corey Holmes on a Offensive that is struggling (polite word) to score is nothing short of absurd.

Corey Holmes has been a STAR for YEARS in the CFL.

2002 Led the Green Riders with 7 TD’s CFL Special Teams Player of the Year Voted team MVP by the Players.

2003 Led the Rough Riders with 1344 all purpose yards. Nominee for Special Teams Player of the Year

2004 Led the league in all purpose yards Nominee for CFL Most Outstanding Player

2005 CFL Outstanding Special Teams Player Lead the CFL in all purpose yards Western Nominee for Most Out Standing Player Award

The Cats can't figure out how to use him... :oops:

MAAS: The Cats are going to miss him when he's gone. This guy could play for any team in the CFL and be successful. Well all except this one. What a gutless display by a Head Coach and OC not standing up for Maas while he has played through some tough injuries. As bad as this team has been, Maas still had the 3rd highest completetion % in the league before last nites fiasco. He moved the ball downfield pretty well when he started calling he owns plays. And yes he mishandled a snap... and he got pulled. What a disgrace by the coaching staff. A reciever who is busting his butt drops a pass and you throw him another one asap, a QB who drops a snap needs encouragement, especially when his confidence is low, not to be sat out. I can only assume they pulled him before he had a chance to put another drive together calling his own plays and showing the TV audience where the real problems are.

Frustrated Cats Fan... :cry:

PS Thanks Bob for rescuing this Team, there are much better days ahead. (Maybe next week)

I realize one of the uses of this site is to let people vent and speculate, however, let's keep in mind that none of us are football experts.

Some people believe they are knowledgeable enough to be the next GM or coach of this team, but they're not.

Obviously some changes have to be made as the definition of insane is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

I don't care who the next GM, coach, or quarterback is, I just want to see different results. If Sheila Copps could move the ball I'd be her biggest fan.

it seems like the CFL(american0 old by,s dont care if there are only 10,000 people in the stands, and the cfl is on the brink. first it was marshal now its maas, or yeast, or even BOB but its not the oldboys no sir!

I am an expert.

I am also coach and GM material.

Bring us to the promised land and I'll buy you a beer.

I am 14 and I am certainly no football expert. However I do understand that when josh ranek runs for 150 some odd yards one game and we win i am going to do the same thing next week until it doesnt work anymore. And when i run the hitch pass thing and it goes for a 3 yrd gain for the 40th straight time i am going to rip up that play and not use it again. Give ranek the ball 15 times and holmes the ball 15 times and i will guarantee a win!

Your whole team has to be gone! They have given up on this season.

Well it will be so much sweeter when we beat first Sask. then you guys on Labour Day and yes you heard it here first .

I know people will call me crazy among other things ... but with Hill and Woodard coming aboard and Maas calling his OWN PLAYS again im hopefull of 2 wins . We owe Sask. an ass kicking and well we always owe the Argos one . so why not now ?