Lancaster and his 3rd down gambles

When is this guy going to learn you dont gamble in your own end. Is he having memory lapses?

Ronnie should be fired tonight simple because of that one stupid call. Unfortunately he will be around until the end of the season.
The offensive coordinator of the Steel City Ironmen should be hired.


Up until that point, we were getting between 5 and 15 yards from a rushing play.

What a difference a bad spot (I've seen the replay, and it was closer than what the officials spotted) and a bad O-Line play can do, huh?

We were still in the game. Punt the ball away and let the defense hold the argos and get the ball back.

Under other circumstances, a gamble like that is just one drive and if you don't make it you move on.

Unfortunately, one characteristic of this team this year has been that, once something goes wrong, things snowball very quickly and they are incapable of wrestling a game back under control. For that reason alone, that was a very bad gamble.

I agree with "Defense Rules"

When is this guy going to learn you dont gamble in your own end. Is he having memory lapses?

The cats needed close to two yards on this play. Admittedly, he would have been a hero if they got the first down.

In view of whay happened, however, he should wear the goat horns!

This one play, more than all the other mistakes and turn overs in this fiasco, cost us the football game.

This was the "Dumb Call" of the season.

that 1 turnover on 3rd down you can at least make an arguement for. but the 8 other God awful ones were the nails in the coffin and the reason the Ti-cats keep getting embarrassed week after week. They really need a lesson on hang on and protect the ball. I think the combination of Maas and those receivers is probably t6he worst we've seen ion the league for at least a decade. they never seem to be on the same page

Give me a break... we are 2-9 and were able to run the ball at will tonight.

Go out, knock your guy off the ball and execute.

Quit blaming coaching for players failures.

Did you noticce how the players QUIT after the coach gave away the game?

Why not just Hail Mary every play, we're 2-9 right? This was one game they could've won for us. I agree players failures are among the top reasons for this mess... but come on Ronnie, 3rd and 2,only down by 6 in your own end?

Give me a break... we are 2-9 and were able to run the ball at will tonight.

Go out, knock your guy off the ball and execute.

Quit blaming coaching for players failures.


This same call would not have been made with a 9-2 club. You have to take gambles to get things going. It didn't work.

Thanks for agreeing, but you cant tell me Don Matthews wouldnt go for it... why? He knows his team can get it. Ron was doing the same thing the way we were running the ball.

However we did go to a really unusual formation both times we were stopped short. WQhat was with Hitchcock as a running back? Where was Aidoo???????????

it was a 3rd and TWO! thats TWO HUGE YARDS! and with every defender on the line trying to stop it? 9 times out of 10 you will get said it himself he did not know it was 2 yards! this was the turning point of the game and it happend because of Stupidity!

This team has poorly executed plays all season, why are you surprised tonight... sorry but wrong time and place to roll dice, TSN turning point!

I walked out after that play. That could be one of the dumbest play calls I have seen in a long time. If we dont get it then the Argos are in position for at least a field goal and could go up by 9-13 points. Dumb call pin them deep and take your chances in the fourth quater.

If Ron was so confident in our running game then why didn't we go for it in the first quarter when we needed less than a yard for a first down? He opted to punt......I didn't agree with the call but I can live with it.

What I can't live with is a 3rd and 2 gamble in our own end late in the third quarter when the score is 12-6. Why on earth would you gamble in this situation but not the other? It makes no sense to say "we're 2-9, we should go for it." We were 2-9 in the first quarter when he didn't gamble weren't we?

I'm sorry, sometimes you have to show your team that you have faith in them but this was not the right time for that. Why? Everyone in the world knew who was getting the ball and where he was trying to go. Sure, we were able to run at will when we had their defence guessing and they weren't stacking the box, but you can't fool anyone by handing the ball off up the middle on a 3rd and short.

Stupid play call, stupid gamble.....there is no justifying it.

Did we lose the game because of this play alone? No.....we lost the game because we had 9 turnovers and a boatload of penalties....but I'm still not happy with this call.

Did anyone think to ask Mariucci if he wanted a coaching job in Hamilton ?

Lancaster seems very confused with what is going on .A few weeks back he called a challenge on a play that was unchallengeable(hasn't he read the rulebook?).Last night he made his soon to be famous " I didn't know it was 2 yards" gamble.Also in last nights game even the refs seemed surprised that He didn't challenge the Maas fumble.All the players and refs stood there looking at poor befuddled Ron.Over this last week Ron said he wanted to simplify the playbook.He seems to removed all passing plays.There was rarely an open receiver for Maas to throw to.(Maas is another story)

No coach knows all the rules for challenges on calls. Buono, Matthews have all thrown flags on un-reviewable calls. Doug Berry tried doing it three times in one game.
NFL has had it for years and their coaches still dont know.
Lancaster didnt challenge Maas's fumble call because Maas told him the ball came out before he was down as he went to the bench.
Lancaster didnt know it was two yards precisely because he was already committed to gambling if it was even remotely close.

When you're down and out with only two wins you can throw cautious by-the-book coaching out the window.

Lancaster wanted to win, he was trying to make things happen, something to build on.

George Hudson blocks O'Shea and this thread wouldnt exist.