Lamont Brightful has been released

According to RDS:

Lamont Brightful has been released. I guess this means that Popp knows for sure Chip Cox is coming back. But still, Brightful is a good player and the Als don't seem to have that much depth in the secondary. I guess a few unknown rookies must be having a great training camp for the Als to let Brightful go...

I was never a fan of him.
Hoping Cox is coming back for sure. seems like it.

I'm surprised by this. Brightful was good in his rookie year with the Als.

Marcel are you paying attention?

You may not need this English translation

but here is Google's translation for what it is worth.

Lamont Brightful released Monday June 11, 2007

Lamont Brightful--the Larks released four players, Monday,

of which the defensive half Lamont Brightful.
The former player of Ravens of Baltimore
and Dolphins of Miami

carried the colors of the
formation montréalaise last season.

He made a success of 23 plated
and two interceptions.

The other released players are

the defensive half Santino Hall
(old of Roughriders of Saskatchewan),

the defensive plater ED Green
and the center postpones Chris Mizell.

You give him a google translation and ask if he is paying attention?
Did you read it? :lol:

I read it, ro1313. Did I pay attention?

Why do you think I said 'for what it is worth?'

I will give you 3 guesses as to
whose website NOT to go to
to get language translated.

If you paid attention,
it will be easy for you.

but the first 2 don't count. :smiley:

Be careful!

Back on take on Brightful last year was he was adequate, nothing better. His release is not a big surprise to me.

With Sanchez and Estelle we're fine on the corners; either Proulx or Boulay at safety should be good. If Cox returns, that gives us Cox and Kent at HB, so I think our secondary looks pretty strong. If Cox doesn't return, then I'd seriously consider Proulx at safety and Boulay at DHB; having three Canadian starters in the secondary gives us options elsewhere.

And they will all be healthy and play all 18 or 19 games? Brightful must have shown somehting Popp didn't like in guess anyway.

Cox is a cornerback. If anyone gets moved if Cox comes back it might be Estelle.

Cox NEVER played the corner, he was always a DHB.

And you don't have to take my word for it either; go here:

[url=] ... _year=2006[/url]

that lists the positions of the players in each game we played, and you'll note Cox is always listed at DB, never corner.