Apparently the Sportsnet website is pretty bad for those kinds of idiots who bash the CFL because of their fetish for the NFL. For example, in reference to the Stamps banning Gainer the Gopher from the field:

"Once again the CFL blows my mind. If it's not a bobsled endzone dance or 2.9 million dollar salary's banning mascots!!And furthermore, who scheduals CFL playoff games going head to head with THE NFL. I like the CFL, I watch the CFL, but c'mon I'll be watching the Lions and Falcons thanks commish.." ( ... _iii/#more)

Let's see ... bobsled endzone dance has nothing to do with the CFL, and everything to do with Jermaine Copeland. A "low" salary cap (because this guy probably has $15 million sitting in the bank, ya right) is necessary, because we live in Canada, where we simply don't spend as much money on sports. To me, that's one of the WORST excuses for not watching the CFL. What next ... oh yeah, it wasn't the CFL that banned the mascot, it was the Stamps. I'm sure the same thing has happened in the NFL. Scheduling CFL playoff games head to head with NFL games ... that could have something to do with the fact that CFL games (even regular-season games, but especially playoffs) habitually out-rate NFL games. Oh, and apparently he likes and watches the CFL, but instead of watching a playoff game, he'd rather watch two teams from two cities, neither of which I bet he lives in, one of which had a 1-6 record, the other of which was 5-2, play each other.

GIVE ME A BREAK. You're going to watch a mid-season NFL game, involving a 1-6 team, instead of a CFL playoff game because one of the teams banned a mascot?!? That has to be the LAMEST excuse I've ever heard. This guy is NOT a CFL fan, and he is a perfect example of the idiot NFLsnobs that drive me NUTS. NONE of his reasons for bashing the CFL are grounded. I CANNOT STAND these types of people.

There was another guy saying (in a different blog) that any college team could beat any CFL team, any day (oh, but only if they were playing "real", ie, not Canadian, rules). Again - yeah, right. Even IF they were playing American rules, I highly doubt any college team could beat any CFL team. Think of how few college players turn pro. Think of all the former Heisman Trophy winners and runners-up, and the former NFLers, who haven't done anything notable in the CFL. Even the Eskimos or Ti-Cats could waltz over any college team.

I am so sick of hearing this sort of crap against the CFL, and I don't understand why these types feel the need to say it. I really hope they don't call themselves Canadian.

And furthermore, who scheduals CFL playoff games going head to head with THE NFL. I like the CFL, I watch the CFL, but c'mon I'll be watching the Lions and Falcons thanks commish.
No question. The guy is an idiot. I doubt the Detroit fans are watching that game..... Guys like that aren't sports fans. They drink coke because they saw it in a commercial, they listen to Justin Timberlake because they saw him on a talk show and they wear Nikes because some guy they never heard of plays basketball.

Fans cheer for THEIR team. They pull for a team that connects to their community, represents their spirit and pride.
If you watch Lions/Falcons, you likely think Paris Hilton is a genius and a very talented performer....

Bring on Sunday CFL play-offs!!

Thankfully, most people grow out of the stage where peer pressure and empty hype determine their preferences.

Sportsnet also has some great CFL fans. People who bash other leagues, teams well, in some ways, it shows that they are jealous of something about them otherwise they would ignore them. Consider it a form of flattery really, like when fans boo a great player on an opposing team. Some Canadians just like putting down Canadian things that don't have a big American flag associated with it because they can only relate to big-time American things. These people aren't what you would call the brightest folk in the world, so we need to be a bit understanding of their lot. :wink:

.....a couple decades ago, Roger Millions was calling WHL hockey games....kind of a humble living there....seems he may have forgotten where he came from.....

well their NHL coverage S U X , why should football be any different. Really not a big difference between them and TSN pre-empting a CFL (Riders/Edmonton I belive) game a couple seasons back for a bleeding Nascar race

Yea i remember that, it was effing ridiculous

the wife thought she was going to have to dig my beer bottle out of the tv after that. I wrote a scathing letter to TSN after that and i am sure a good chunk of rider nation did

I'm kinda on both sides but I don't see why people go out of there way to run down the other side. I'll admit I admit I prefer the NFL but I also like the CFL. It bothers me on one side why it's the Canadian NFL fans who bash the CFL while the American NFL fan hardly says anything bad about it. On the other hand it bothers me that just cause I like the NFL some CFL fans get all huffy and wonder why I come on these boards or automatically think I can't like the CFL but I think to many people have given people reason to think that. All I can say is "Can't we all just get along" LOL

I dont bash either. I love the game of football. But i mean not showing a football game over a stupid nascar race? Now thats ridiculous…

Yeah, that's what I don't get most of all. Those that bash the CFL and idolize the NFL tend to be Canadians. For some reason their "own" league isn't good enough for them ... maybe it's trivial, but that doesn't seem very patriotic to me.

Just to clarify. Roger Millions commented on the Gainer issue like any reporter would. All the negative CFL comments were from idiot fans not Millions. He still loves and follows the CFL as with all sports. Everyone chill and just realize there are lots of idiot CFL and NFL fans.

Yeah, Roger Millions is fine ... there are a few out there who seem to bash the CFL for fun, but Millions isn't one of them.