Lame season ducats ¿?¿

[b]Well the new season ducats just showed up today. The pictures drawn by the little kids a cpl yrs ago were ok. The tix last year with a player's face on them were really cool ( Kind of ironic that Coach Higgins was the one on the playoff ticket ). This year we have that chick, and guy from the billboards. I think they're lame, except for the " Defend The Turf " header. I don't know...maybe it's just me.

Comments ??[/b]

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......better than our last year ones which were made of cardboard and every game had a picture of Kevin Feterik QB on it........



I agree, these are brutal but as long as they get me inside I guess.

Doesn't matter to me - they could all show photos of Hugh Campbell wearing a wedding dress.

As long as they get me into the stadium I don't care.

.......'Hugh in a Dress' has a copyright on it.........the Stamps used it four years ago on our seasons tickets..........

what the hell is a ducat.

Its a cross between a Mallard and Tabby..........Just kidding.

It's your ticket!

Realy, why call it a ducat?

Can't anyone here afford a dictionary?