Lame Excuses

I have heard them all but one I do not want to hear anymore is... The team has been awful over the years they have to prove it to me. If that is still your excuse to not buy a ticket then you are just looking for reasons not to go to a game.

Possiblibly selling out Labour Day is great but getting under 20,000 people to the other games is pretty pathetic.

What are you really waiting for? The team is good a deserves your support.

How about this when buying your ticket to the Labour Day game take a look at the schedule and purchase a ticket to another game as well?

Im hoping the Labour Day game will start the increase in attendance cause I much rather be at a game with less leg room and a full stadium.


Might aswell be talking to the wall, dude.

Yeah, I think your right.

Hopfully it will change cause this team is alot of fun to watch and should only get better as the year goes on.


You'd think so but...
if the Cats were 0-6 there would be quadruple the traffic in here with people giving all sorts of insight and valuable advice on who they shouldnt have cut, fired/hired, ticket prices, and how better things were in(insert era here) at least a half dozen threads on the backup QB....

and , of course, they would say "if they put out a decent product then I would go".

So either theres alot of people on holiday or there's alot of people full of crap out there.

You have to remember that this towns manufacturing base has been hurt bad by the recession that has a great effect $$$

That was going to be my response too.. there are a lot of laid off people out there. But that doesnt excuse a poor crowd for labour day.. I think it will indeed be sold out. I know I was disappointed at the last BC game's crowd.. I was there and thought why isnt there more people? But I suppose they still werent as 'proven'.. and the weather was horrible for the EDM game, so Im not going to be quick to judge that crowd.

And yea i didnt go to a single game last year.. and only one the year before that. I really could care less if people think im not being a 'true fan', but i could have more fun throwing my money down a toilet bowl than i would at a Cats game where not only did you know they would lose, but the big question would be would they even score a TD? This team hasnt just been bad.. theyve been BAD!

But this season any football fan should already see the difference, and ive already exceeded my games that ive attended in the last 2 years combined. The buzz will continue to grow and more people will start coming out, and we'll all be awarded with a home playoff game!! wow :slight_smile:

The crowd doesn't drop by 10,000 after a loss or two like some claim it will, and you shouldn't expect it to grow by 10,000 after a win or two.

The people that will fill up those othere 10,000 seats aren't sniffing around in here - most of them are probably just starting to become aware that the tide has turned on the field.

Call them not-real (unreal?) fans or bandwagon fans or fair-weather fans or whatever you want - they're just regular people whose lives don't revolve around the daily machinations of the local football team.

They may be slow, but they'll be back if the good news continues. Welcome them back with open arms.

I havent got my labor day tickets yet, im still waiting to figure out who all I am going with and how many tickets we need. On another note I am almost certain labor day will be a sellout, isnt it always?

Bandwagoner fans have bothered me for as long as I can remember, and in some ways I feel like we're better off without them. For the small crowd we have, we still make ivor wynne one of the loudest places to play in the league. Plus I thought that when a lot of Bandwagoners were coming to the games and we were getting high attendance they were unaware of when to cheer..I know that might not seem like that big of a deal but players always talk about how hard it is to play here and when we are loud for the offence as well as the defence we're essentially taking the home field advantage away.

I know I'm nitpicking here..and large crowds would be great to see. But I'm as happy with 20,000 as with 29, 000.

Trust me...

I'd gladly go to every game if I could.

I went to one this year... HOPING to try to make it two.

But I have to take a 5 hours road trip with a 1 year old to get there! LOL

So it's kind of tough! hahaha

Rusty, LABOUR DAY IS A MUST! :slight_smile:

Early start and Holiday so you have time for the drive and don't get home too late, and you can teach your son/daughter straight off the bat "ARGOS SUCK!"

Went to Labour Day last year.

I've thought about going to this years. It's all about the Logistics of it.

I have a REALLY busy year coming up... getting ready for a very long trip in about 8 months time.

Easier at the concessions with a small crowd also.
The reality is that we need 28,000 to keep the team financially feasible.

Hear's how I see it. Bob Young has busted his backside to try and make the Cats a good team. He has spared no expense. Unfortunately being a new owner he made mistakes, something that I’m sure we can all in one way or another relate to. So the team is finally coming together the question is where’s the crowd? Where are all those folks that moaned and groaned that they only wanted entertaining football? Well you got it? Hamilton has a population of 500,000 + and you can’t fill 29,000 seats! I can understand someone not coming when they have hit on hard times. I can understand people who have young children or medical issues not showing up for a game in the rain, but all the rest of you guys need to look in the mirror and ask yourselves one question….Do I really want a football team in Hamilton? I’m not looking for praise or a pat on the back here but my buddies and I drove two and a half hours in the rain to come and watch the Cats play Edmonton, could have stayed home on the coach and someone in Hamilton can’t make a ten minute drive to the stadium. I hope Bob moves the team to London. It will make our drive shorter!

There are some fans that for one reason or another can't make it to as many games as they'd like to. The myriad of reasons could include illness, heavy work schedule, distance, financial strife, family obligations etc. We have to remember that it's still an entertainment product and it's up to people themselves to make the decision to go or not. That doesn't mean they don't love the team, appreciate it or aren't supporters. When factors allow it, many get to games as much as they can.

The key is for the Tiger-Cats to always have the Welcome sign out and make everyone feel great when they do get to a game. I've seen some fans only able to get to one or two games a year but spend the rest of the time promoting the team out in the community, wearing fan gear as much as they can around town ( ie: Ticats golf shirts, ball caps, jackets etc) and maybe giving their kids extra cash so they can get to a few games on their own. With the explosive growth of the internet, on-line social networking like Facebook etc, many people promote the Tiger-Cat brand on their own to their on-line mates and in un-related discussion groups.

So, to suggest that people are automatically "band-wagon" jumpers and are somehow not welcome into the Tiger-Cat family is very destructive and hurts the team in the bigger picture.

As far as I've seen since Mr. Young took over, the Ticats have always welcomed everyone no matter what their attendance patterns are. I don't know why some fans seem to belittle and or speak down to people if they don't live and breathe a football team 24/7 and 365 days a year. There are other things in life that require attention and a smart football/sports organization will realize that and work with it. The Ticats do realize that by what I see..........they've been great and never laid any guilt trips on the Hamilton population.

As far as the "die-hards' go, wouldn't it be better if you made the "occasional" fans feel welcome always and gently encourage them to try to make it out to a game instead of saying stuff like "we're better off without them because they cheer wrong"

Die-hards should try to help boost attendance, not drive fans away.

Am I off-base in my thinking ? :slight_smile:

The team's been playing good football for 3 weeks and people should stop their summer plans and run to IW ? Dosen't work like that...
I'm sure ticket base will increase over time if the team remains competitive, but it isn't a given right and it won't happen over night.

Yeah, mikey , way off base.
The initial point of the post was "lame" excuses no one is questioning a fan who can't go for legit. reasons.

In regards to bandwagon jumping that was directed at people in this forum who have whined and complained about bad football for years with a sense of entitlement yet when a good product does arrive they still wont go and still want their opinions taken at face. These types deserve neither sympathy or an audience.

Young has delivered now go out and hold up your end of the bargain.

4pm start is great for the kids and back to school all around I like it :thup:

3 weeks ! don't you think your a little premature in "judging" people ? Not to mention that attendance is up by over 10% over last year already and sure to go up if the team continues to do well.

3 weeks ! don't you think your a little premature in "judging" people ? Not to mention that attendance is up by over 10% over last year already and sure to go up if the team continues to do well.
HfxTC; That's a great point. Attendance is already up and yet we have just come out of some really bad years. I have talked to quite a few new fans this year at the stadium who say this is their first year of attending games. They thought they'd give it a try and like what they see.