Paul, not Adam :lol:
Think he'll come back? (he was drafted by the Ticats)Do we need him back?
i'd say we sign him, put him at RG and move Rottier to his natural LT position and let the aging Gauthier go.
Lambert is no spring chicken himself, but on a 1-2 year contract he could prove very useful.

After reading about Paul Lambert, I don’t think that any CFL GM is going to want to deal with any of his issues that he brings to the table. He’s a 35-year-old career back up OL recovering from torn bicep and knee surgery.
Looks like Lambert will be soon retired and should be seriously pursuing that coaching position at McGill University that’s being dangled in front of him.
I would think that Jim Popp has already found some future All-Star OL to replace Lambert this season. Popp seems to find them no matter what!

The best teams in any sport have the best scouting staff.
Bring back Mike Mccarthy. He's the best talent evaluator and scout in the game.

Career backup LOL. Lambert has been a starter on the Als for many years. I think Popp made the right decision to move on, but let's not denigrate Lambert's CFL career.