Lamar - trade him or keep him now?

Nice to see RBs hitting the holes and going N-S instead of E-W; punt returners catching the ball on the fly and not chasing a dribbler on the turf.

So, since Gable/Jones/Walker did so well last night do we really need Lamar? Keep him on a practice roster when he is off the IR or release/trade him?

Myself, I think trade him if anybody will take him. He drops the ball too much which has led to him letting the ball hit the turf so he can just pick it up, and when he does have the ball he insists on dancing.

Kind of hard to trade a guy with what could be a season ending concussion.My guess is we keep him around til training camp next year,see where were at then,or at least till the draft.The way this team is going through injuries this year,you never now what the future holds.Keep in mind we still have Tavoy Moore on i.l. the book on him is he’s small but fast,don’t be suprised if we see him eventually find his way onto the reg. roster before long.The Cats have a nice problem for a change…too much depth at some positions…especially r.b and k.r.

Firstly. as already mentioned, (concussion) you'd get absolutely nothing in a trade proposition for Lamar. With the way the TiCats roster, especially the IR'S & PR's are right now, any GM would know as soon as you start to dangle his name, it means you're looking to get rid of him & therefore they can wait til he hits the waiver wire or free agency.

What Lamar has lacked and Jones/Gable/Walker have delivered ... catching balls on the fly, going north-south ... that can be coached & developed ... but the innate ability to take one all the way is harder, if not impossible to coach.

Onrea Jones is doing an admirable job on punt return. It's safe, solid & reliable. But he'll never break one.

They'll hang onto Lamar. He has that "IT" that can't be coached. They other fundamentals can be developed.

Totally agree. The other stuff can be coached. The magic can't. Hope his recovery goes well.

You couldnt get a bag of balls for lamar…he hasnt proven anything yet…alot of upside(i think) but no trade value at the moment. would still love to see a bull like boyd here.

I agree you have to keep Lamar....he's a first year guy ...give him time.

I don't think Onrea gets the respect he deserves as a returner. Last year he averaged almost 30 yds per kick return --- near the top of the league...Also, he had one return for 62 yards and a few other long ones.
He doesn't have the breakaway speed that other returners have, but he too has the "IT"....he is sneaky fast and shifty...I think he can break one......
He reminds me a little of Winfield in his return style (I said a little!)....he doesn't look the part, but gets it done...

I like the return by comittee unit that is in place unless you have a player like Lamar appeared he may be in the pre season and in game one.
Lamar also during his struggle was kind of promoted into the RB position. Firlst injury to Walker and then the tough love of benching Gable after dropping a game winning screen.
If last game is any indication Austin has his 1-2 punch At RB in Gable and Walker as well as the use of them together in the backfield formation. Delahunt also fitting into the system nicely. They still refer to him as a FB but is really a TE. Not sure when the CFL is going to reckognize that TE is a position that is used in the CFL.

As for Lamar no way you let go a rookie like that go at least no for this season. Young enough to stick on the PR but he could be plucked off the PR by any team. IF his concussion is that bad then the 9 game IR may be a reality.
very shortly Hamilton will need to settle its roster which means deciding on who they are going to keep who has been flopping from the One game IR to the 46 man roster, decide who may really be hurt and place him on the 9 game taking his salary off the cap, and leave a few players on there that are really injured for the short run. In other words Fantuz will probably return after their bye. Another import RB also sits on the one game IR doubtful he i really hurt but Austin was waiting to see if he could find the chemistry with Gable and Walker as a 1-2 punch RB combo.
Also we are now in August and NFL training camps have opened and Moe petris could most likley be in a make or break camp where he will be with an NFL team somewhere or he will return to give the Cats a top Canadian Olineman

I think you are basing your opinion on just one game. Let's wait and see if this turnaround in play becomes the new norm before we start chopping heads

Can't argue here about dropping the ball and the hesitation when rushing. Lamar, much like Walker, needs open field to show what he can do, (might explain the dancing routine). We should give him a few games to see if he comes back to original form, I doubt anyone would be interested the way he is playing.


8) It was announced in May, that Moe Petris has retired from football, and is living and working in LA now.
  I doubt you will ever see him play him for the TiCats !!

This is a dumb question from a poster who has clearly shown that they don't get the game or the realities of it.

After reading this I went through all your posts, do you ever just ignore something you don't like or do you always pipe up with a stupid opinion? Didn't your mother ever slap you up side the head, if not you need it.

I guess those years playing right tackle I didn't know what I was doing...but I would love to show you how I crushed cockroach linemen.

WOW what was the reason?

8) According to Drew back in May, after Petrus was released by the Buc's and no other NFL team showed any interest,
 he went to work for TEI Entertainment, a California based firm, owned by John McEntee.

 Last March Petrus married Melissa McEntee, who just happens to be the daughter of John !!

  See the connection here, and the reason why Petrus has such a good thing going for himself out in California.  <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> Looks A-List to me,good for Moe,no wonder he retired!!!