Lamar helping Ticats forget about Williams (The Sun)

[b]Toronto Sun Mike Ganter [u]Lamar helping Ticats forget about Williams[/u]

Lamar is a first-year running back out of the University of South Florida in Tampa, but so far he has made his name in a very short time returning kicks.

He will be the first one to tell you he is not here to replace Chris Williams or anyone else.

Williams, of course, is the mostly unspoken absence in Hamilton.
His name appears on the suspended list and is expected to be there for the remainder of the year. Williams doesn’t want to return to Hamilton this season and the Ticats, for now anyway, have moved on without him.

But more than any other individual, it is Lamar who has helped ease the pain of Williams’ loss.
There’s no question life goes on without Williams. Lamar just makes it that much easier.

“He’s unique,? Reinebold says. “He’s built low to the ground like a running back so it’s hard to knock him off his feet. “But he also runs with his feet close to the ground all the time so his short burst quickness is really good. But he does have long speed. He’s not a guy that can’t outrun you once he pops it. In two weeks he has one for 79 and one for 88. You’re not going to have those returns unless you have some high-end speed.?

There’s no question Chris Williams will be missed in Hamilton but rookies like Lindsey Lamar will go a long way to alleviating some of the sting.[/b]

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Good Story on Lamar, I hope he explodes out of the gate this year for the Cats!!

In regards to Williams what would happen if he decides to sign with an NFL Team while under contract with the Ti-Cats?? I mean the Cats can only do so much with a contract with a year remaining anyway, I mean if the guy is going to be paid $450,000.00 or whatever in the NFL minimum and in the CFL he would of made $50,000.00 he could break his contract suffer the legal liability of what giving the the Cats maybe $50,000.00 but be ahead $400,000.00 plus, I think he will sign a deal if he hasn't already??

I'm pretty sure NFL teams respect CFL contracts, mainly because they probably fear being sued for damages by the CFL team affected, and possibly by the league itself.

I'm more interested in what would happen now if Williams actually does show up. The team would need to drop his suspension and then either put him on the roster or cut him. Would they put him on the nine-game injury list for the year, paying his salary but preventing him from playing anywhere? And would the league contribute to paying his salary for the year in order to make a point to their players that this type of action would not be tolerated in the future?

Both the NFL and CFL honor the contracts that are signed by each league so unless Hamilton gives him his release the NFL teams interested will wait

Good looking out by the TiCats. Lamar is already played the ever popular new postion in the CFL the "Hybrid Back" RB/SB/return specialist. Every team wants one and Lamar playing big time College Football at South Florida a true rookie they got one.
He will return all and will not be on the field for offense for every play but when he is he will garner a lot of attention as no one wants to be burnt by a big play.
Perfectly suited for the CFL and the Hybrid position showing it in camp and the pre season

The Hybrid Back isn't a new idea. It just seems to go in and out of vogue. At the moment it seems to be back in style, which is great. Archie Amerson did the same combination of things a decade or so ago. And Rufus Crawford did them in the 1980s. As far as that goes, so did Dave Fleming in the 1960s and 70s, and early version of it anyway.

Coaching preferences seem to go in cycles. Most seem to be pretty conventional in their approaches. Some revive ideas that have gone out of fashion. Few are real innovators. Among Ticat coaches, I think Jerry Williams was the last one of those.

The Toronto Sun is one of the best (if not the best) media outlets/newspapers for in depth CFL content, publishing articles on all teams including player backgrounds and human interest stories.

great reads.

Wish the Spectator had similar CFL content although it is understandable as the budgets are likely poles apart.