Lamar has to go!!!

The longer this guy is with the team the less likely we are to make the playoffs. He is so bad I am wondering if his eyesight is ok. Each kickoff, each punt he is a liability, mostly letting the ball bounce, often misjudging were it will land. With him taking punts and kickoffs we lose field position regularly. Time for an upgrade coach.

I would say he's been extremely indecisive since the long TD run in game 1...

But this is a trait that is common to young returners who have early success...They seem to think they are going to break off a long run every time they touch the ball...

The injury tonight has nothing to do with that...

Chris who?

I think it is fear, of fumbling or getting hit!

well the hit he took tonite was dirty and go or not thats not the way he should go

He’s busy playing Madden on his mama’s couch in New Mexico.

It's not just Lamar. The blocking on the special teams is not very good at all. The whole team is in disarray and special teams is no exception.

Judging by that hit,and the way he looked going off the field,I totally agree 100%.As for Lamar has to go!!! yup he’s got to go alright,straight on to our ever growing injury list :cry:

krisiun: Agreed. I thought Lamar came up with a pretty good effort until he had to leave the game.

Listening to the game announcers for TSN orgasm over the Riders all night sure was sick to listen to. :cowboy:

the Head shot on Lamar by RidersSuck #62 STEINHAUER was BS, I sure hope the league reviews this play as I just did 10x as I taped the game, 11.04min of the 2nd Quarter, I watched in slow motion also, and it was a clear hit to the hit. Hope he gets a HUGE fine and a couple Games!

Hard to block when the guy is chasing a loose football around because he lets it bounce. Catch it and head straight up field.

I've been posting about this for weeks now, he isn't any good.

Steinhauer was fined an undisclosed amount of money for that hit. Sorry 'bout that...