Lamar and other teams left overs

  1. Lamar: I am getting so frustrated by this guy running every play east to west, every touch as soon as an opposing jersey gets in front of him he starts going sideways (or backwards!!). Catch the ball and charge up field, 10 yards is better than 0 (or -10). So he had one good kick return and since then NOTHING. Time to go kiss CW butt.

  2. Leftovers: It seems that every time TSN mentions a player this year it is "player X was a cut from team Y and was picked up by Hamilton". So we can't find good talent of our own, only leftovers. Sort of reminds me of the Leafs in the 80s. What makes the H. staff think that a player cut from a 1-3 team would somehow play better for us?

Picking up castoffs eliminates the need for a scouting staff.

Other teams have no problem at all picking up the Ticat's leftovers. People like Cortez, Chamblin, Glenn, McDanial, Bolden, R. Williams, Hebert, etc. Many of these players and coaches are doing quite well on their new teams.

Check out thread 2013 Ex-Ti-CAT TEAM 2013 redone for discussion on this exact topic

Yeah I'd say the bigger problem is other teams eating from our leftovers and making a gourmet dinner out of them. Even Rod Black mentioned the other night that it seems like every player in the league was once a Ticat.

(He would know, he likes to list off every team a player's ever been from)

200,000 a year Williams ASAP! Since we have NO Running game !