Lalji: CFL likely to enforce NFL-style injury reports this season

Yea, this is all about betting. It's a shame that we can only get this service due to stooping to the culture.

league needs the money since cfl is terrible at marketing

It'll all be gravy until someone is caught points-shaving. Then the league will have no one to blame but themselves.

What difference in does knowing the injury make? All that matters is the length ot time they will be off

because there is different Grade's of injuries which makes recovery time vary .

6 game list is the 6 game list
1 game is 1 game
day to day is day to day
Knowing what the injury is changes nothing

wrong knowing the injury does matter

I actually think its none of your business but tell yourself whatever lets you sleep at night

when i am personally friends with multiple players i care to know what there injury is and your just a troll who loves to argue !!

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