Laing and Butler?

Anyone know when each of them are expected back?

Butler hasn’t played in 4 weeks and STILL leads the league in sacks.

I’m sure the Argos would have an even better record had those two been healthy all season.

Trestman said Butler may play this week end. Laing looked to be walking normal when I saw him going into the stadium Saturday, as well as on the sidelines. Findley and Gaydosh have been solid in his absence.

Awesome. I think we'll get on a roll when those two return.

Hopefully Laing will be back soon as Findley is now on the 6 game injury list. Good test for Gaydosh to see if he can finally live up to his promise of being a first round pick. The good thing of Laing's injury is that Findley got to show he could start in the CFL. If Laing, Findley, Waud and Gaydosh were all healthy, both DT positions could be Canadian spots. Which could allow another Import on the offensive line to help protect Ricky better and just maybe help the running game as well.

Good to see Laing back and playing well backed up by Gaydosh. Don't know what's up with Waud. He either has some nagging injury or got in the bad books of Trestman. Same thing with Brian Jones on offense. First round pick 6'4 233, runs a 4.6 forty, showed he could play in the league last year. ??

I can't imagine the Alouettes' offence having a good game against our stout defence Tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing the sack totals at the end of this one.

Darian Durant needs to retire. This is embarrassing and tarnishing his legacy - like Jose Bautista.

26-0 at halftime. Als are not fun to watch. I feel bad for their defense.

6-7 and first place here we week, 7-7.

I watched Durant close tonight with the field glasses as I was thinking maybe he has a hand or shoulder injury. But he didn't seem to to be favouring either one. He never did have what one could call a good throwing motion but he looks like somebody throwing a shot put instead on a football. But is not right with him.

Ricky Ray isn't exactly throwing zingers out there either, but he is still so good at placing the passes in the best place for the receiver 90% of the time. Posey let another one go through his fingers , again. Sanders looked over his right shoulder instead of his left where Ricky threw the ball and SJ Green just had one off his finger tips. All three could have been TD's.

What can one say about Wilder. The only thing that has surprised me about him is his straight ahead speed. For a big back he is out running some speedy DB's on those romps.

A must win for the Argos and they were definitely the better team, and I thought Brady via Trestman took the foot off the gas pedal in the second half with vanilla plays to not run up the score.