LaDouphyous McCalla

Does anyone out there know just why he retired? i know it was for personal and family reasons but cant find much else.

I for one would welcome him back, i hope barrett at least made the call after saturdays burtal display in the secondary. Getting him to come back might just be the spark to fire up the defence.

I agree that McCallas return would defianetly be welcomed, I still feel our defence is capable of being one of the best however it just seems theres no fire, or will power or like someone said in another post "pride" I think with the return of McCalla that fire would be lit under the defence, as well our secondary was the a very tight knit group and losing mcCalla was huge for some of his teamates.

True that KKsRiders!

the secondary is the most reliant on cohesion, on everyone working together. I KNOW that the secondary will get things worked (sort of did for week two) out and when they do they will dominate.

second half of the season the green and white will be firing on all cyclinders and will go 9-1 in the last 10 weeks.