LaDouphyous McCalla Comeback Please!!

Quote from the Leaderpost:
[b]The other players on Saskatchewan's list aren't likely to return, although cornerback LaDouphyous McCalla, who retired after the 2005 season, is pondering a comeback.

"That is a possibility,'' Tillman said when asked if McCalla could re-join the Roughriders.[/b]

Wow I really hope Tillman trys to get him out of retirment. We need the Sandman back now that omarr and bush have skipped town.

I know this probably won't happen, but I guess I just need some kind of hope for our db situation!

Yes that would indeed be good especiallyu for our Corners

As long as Sanman has been keeping in good shape, then it may be a good idea

I read this article a couple of days ago and I hope he does return. I think it would be great if McCalla came back to the green and white. With Bush and Morgan gone some veteran help from LaDouphyous would be a big boost to our pass defense.

Sign this guy Tillman!

lol, we told Tillman to sign Bush and Omar..

And look at us now.

honestly guys i'm upset about omarr and bush leaving too, and i do blame tillman(somewhat).
but how could we compete with what the esk's gave morgan. maybe if we knew bush was out of the picture already we could've moved harder on morgan, but we were in a pretty bad situation with trying to get both of them at the same time. i'm not as upset about bush though, he's tiny!! and i feel he thought he was worth too much. sure he got more than i thought he would, but this was the weakest FA list i've seen(ever?).

anyways it sucks that they're gone but we should try and think progressively. we can't keep complaing about who messed up here, we need to think about who we can bring in now.

what about ike chalton?

i know he wasn't my fist pick, but he would be a good physical hb to replace bush.

i would really like that Michael Gholar to do well, i'm not sure where they would want to play him(cb/s/hb) but the guy is 6'4" and 210lbs. if he has any speed that would give us a good start on filling in the gaps.

Tillman should definitely take a look at Charlton.

I think it would be great to see McCalla back for some veteran leadership for the young secondary. Besides, McCalla really isn't that old himself. He is on 31 (4 years younger than Eddie Davis), so he really does have at least a couple years left in him... as long as he kept himself in shape! Well it will be interesting to see what happens...

Does anyone know if we still hold the rights to McCalla before he retired???

greenwhite - McCalla is a Free Agent (at least he is listed on the FA list of this site) if he choses to return to football. He is free to speak with whomever he choses.

i think he will resighn here in sask which would help are defense alot i never likes bush anyway he gave up a lot of big passes i remember one game a couple years ago when copeland was with mtl and we were playing at mtl bush was on jermaine and jermain just fuckin schooled him