Ladies and gentlmen, your next prime minister

Stephen Harper!
(It's only a matter of time)

…why chewy why?..there are already too many politico posts on this football site…cest la vie la vie…

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I guess when you have no life, things like that really make your day!!!!!

.....must be a slow news day.....

Good one Chewy!

Go strike a blow against civil rights Steve Ban gay marriage and embarrass the country like only chretien could

He won't do that the free vote is what he is looking for and we will have to see. I do not think this will happen. What is he still a boogey man to everyone that is to funny.

why? cause I'm seriously pumped, that's why
and just think of all those little football players across Canada who might now get to play the sport they love because of a tax credit for youth playing sports
see, there, I brought it back to football

Not only that chewy they will pay less gst on their sports equipment ah a great day for Canada sorry Ro!

and plus..the hottest MP in the country will be in our cabinet. Rona Ambrose, shes my MP....and ohhhhh doggy shes hot


never going to happen, Canada is generally a progressive liberal country IMO. NA doesn't need another right wing conservative country to oppress the minority (Gays, etc.) like the Republican party as done.

you wanna live in a conservative country and government? move down south, I'm going north.


KK I am phoning Canada Customs as we speak!

So there will be a sign with my pic on it says to sent me back? make sure they get a good pic of me! :lol:

Since my GF and I have officially broken up, there is nothing to stop me!

Oh ya that 1% is going to make such a big difference concidering he is going to put back the 3% income tax cuts that came into effect on JAn 1st

Harper in a majority. Ya baby.

Good point ro.

He’s a boogeyman because he seems very opposed to civil and individual rights in favor of religious rights which is very scary because religion was a very strong form of oppression for a very long time.

A pro life stance is an extremely sexist stance. What that says is that if a condom breaks or the pill the woman is responsible now for raising a child. Abortions are a very good thing, they allow women to be jsut as promiscuous as men while still having a career and/or education. BAnning abortion leads more women out of school and on welfare

The only argument anyone can make against gay marriage is that homosexuality is not allowed in the bible so they should defintiely not be allowed to get married. The law allowing gay marriage allows any religious leader that feels uncomfortable by the concept to decline to perform a gay marriage.

He is not going to impose those but with any kind of conservative government in place he will be in a much better position to force those through and it would be extremely embarrassing if we strike these two blows against civil rights. SEPARATION of church and state steve maybe while he is travelling back thorugh time he can bring back the feudal system

Mada7 we all know the gay issue and abortion is a very tough subject and really it is a time bomb for any guy that is in politics. I believe we as Canadians should vote on these issues. I am in favor of both yet I am a boogeyman conservative. I do not believe he would force anything on Candians unless the majority wants it. It is just like download health costs to the provinces yet they do notprovide the funding. Yet the provinces have no say. Quebec wants to be know for their culture and way of life I believe they should have this if this makes them feel Canadian or makes them feel that they belong. Alberta wants the same we want to be part of Canada the Liberals have us looking outside of Canada. I believe BC feels the same way. It is just pathetic in a modern democracy that before the polls close we already know who is forming the government. Really is that fair no. Yes it is fair the majority rules no problem but really do you feel Quebec or western Canada gets a fair deal in confederation. These scare tactics by the Liberals are for what purpsoe to scare people away from voting for change that is it there is no boogey man going to jump out of the box when the time is up. I say give the guys a mandate they screw up we kick them out. If you have an employee he steals and lies to you what do you do? Say it is okay I believe in you what you did we can just forget about it. Really that is not good thing think twice remember in June when Paul said this yes I have though more then twice and I know the answer change. Avoter for the liberals and you vote for Quebec and possibly Alberta to opt out of Canada. I am Canadian first but the corruption and lies have to end soon.

Harper accused his Liberal counterpart Paul Martin of evading crucial questions.

"He has not provided Canadians a single compelling reason why his government should be re-elected and he has utterly failed to answer three important questions," Harper said at a campaign stop in a Toronto-area riding.

"Mr. Martin, where is the missing money? Mr. Martin, why do the scandals such as income trusts keep happening? Mr. Martin, how after two referendum defeats could you let separation get back onto the national agenda?" Harper asked

How could he let seperationback into the agenda?
How did the bloc form again?
Oh ya it was founded by Bouchard, Mulroneys right hand man!!!!!!!