Lacrosse - MLL and NLL

I think it’s worth it to open a thread on Canada’s official national game. No detraction from the CFL or NHL or anything, after all that’s the big news in Canadian sports.

There are two versions of top-flight pro lacrosse in North America.
Major League Lacrosse - MLL - a six-team league in the US, expanding West for the first time next season.
National Lacrosse League - NLL - an eleven-team indoor league that has basically shifted all of it’s franchises to the West Coast.

Neither league has combatted each other (they are different games after all), and player/coach/legend/insanity Gary Gait puts time in both leagues.

The biggest thing I wanted to bring up is the geographical movement of the NLL. Three years ago, Denver was the western-most franchise in the league. At the outset of this year and last year, it is the most centered franchise. This is very odd for an entire league to basically up-and-move it’s fan base from spots throughout the Northeast to having pockets in the Northeast and far West, especially since there is little lacrosse out here on the west coast.

The MLL is (finally) expanding west, something that has been planned since the start of the league (whose border franchises are Baltimore, Boston, and Philadelphia - yet has held All-Star or Championship events in Denver and Columbus), with a guaranteed team in Los Angeles, and focus on Columbus and Denver (Denver is basically a lock, with Gary Gait as the spearhead and - trust me - eventual player-coach). They have said they want 4 expansion teams in the league…where should that last team be (my hometown of San Jose seems a logical choice)?

Okay, Lacrosse thread - engage.

I Want To See A Iraquois Team, Playing Out Of One Of The Reserves, Maybe The One Near North Bay, It Wouldn’t Be Hard To Do Cause They Could Probibly Get A Grant Or Something From The Government. After All, It’s Their Game.

…I am a huge LAX fan…my son plays midget level and we attend the Roughneck’s games here in Calgary…I had never heard of the MLL though…why don’t the MLL and NLL merge?..

I don’t know much about lacrosse except I know Geoge Beers, the father of lacrosse, wrote a book back in the 1800’s titled, I think “Lacrosse, the National Game of Canada” or something like that.

The problem I have watching lacrosse on TV is that I have a hard time following the ball and knowing who has it since it seems lost in the webbing of the stick. I can only assume the player running with ball like he has something in the webbing and people are chasing him, is the one with the ball. And then, it is impossible to see that ball when shot on the net as the thing is going so fast. But it seems like a good game, certainly lots of contact that I like. One day I will have to get to a game.

Actually, does San Jose already have a NLL franchise in the Stealth? You also have the Arizona Sting, Anaheim Storm, and starting next season, an expansion team in Edmonton.

…Earl…couple thing to help…

…Trouble seeing the ball?..heck, even the players sometimes have that problem so don’t feel handicapped…watch for the guy ‘cradling’ the ball…cradling is when you swing the basket in a back-and-forth motion with the upper hand and keep the lower hand relatively still…the centrifugal force keeps the ball in the basket…generally this is the ball carrier…sometimes really talented players will cross-over at mid-floor and ‘swap’ the ball, like a fake, and two guys will cradle, can screw-up a D real bad…

…Impossible to see a shot…yup, try playing goalie sometime…I don’t know what the clock speed is on a pro NLL shot but I’m pretty sure it makes a MLB fastball and an NHL slapshot pale in comparison…and that ball is not quite as hard as a puck, but at that speed you can’t tell much difference…

…‘Tough, tough tough’…how to describe a LAX player…you cannot contact a player below the waist, but slashing is a regular (even encouraged) part of the game, in fact, in the over 18 levels the only place you can’t whack a guy is directly on the head…the players are body-armoured from the waist up, but still tough as nails…

…and definately get to a game if you can…very exciting…with edmonton getting an NLL team there’s another Battle of Alberta about to begin…

Lacrosse is cool, but the Canadain palament should have made the CFL as the officail summer sport of Canada or Fall sport of Canada.


In the MLL, the speed competitions had balls clocked to speeds of 100-105 MPH I think. Definitely not unlike a hockey puck.

The MLL and NLL are not competiting leagues. They have no need to merge, although it wouldn’t be a surprise if they eventually did. MLL is outdoor lacrosse (10 v 10), NLL is indoor lacrosse(6 v 6).


I’m talking about an MLL team (see above). Anaheim of the NLL folded. Hopefully San Jose will get hoppin soon or else the Stealth may fold as well, but they’ve not been doing terribly (attendance-wise I mean, they were last in the West last season).

The MLL has approved Denver as Site #2 of 4 expansion sites, with the last two going to San Fran, San Diego, Chicago, or something else (I forget which). San Francisco would do very well to have an outdoor LAX team, and would probably play their games at the old Kezar stadium (yay!) or a nice astroturf high school field someone outside the city.

Most MLL games are played on college football fields, it seems.

…thanks steveo…I say im a huge fan and then show ignorance about the MLL… :oops: …Ah go to penalty box, feel shame…I thought the MLL was indoor box style…

Isn’t there an Outdoor lacrosse leaue in Canada???

I notice that in a few CFL staduims there are lacroose lines on the field which suggest that there is a league.

…probably a university level league KK, in the case of Montreal’s and Calgary’s CFL stadiums they are owned by McGill University and UofC respectively…there is no pro outdoor league in the Great White North…

That’s sad. :cry:

isnt this forum about the CFL?

I make no apology for starting a lacrosse thread.

…we’ve discussed lots of non-cfl stuff in this forum…if you’re not interested, dont’ read…

By the way, I remember Montreal having a lacrosse team a few years back. But it disappeared so fast we barely had time to know it was there. Anybody knows why it didn’t last? And I’ve been told our owner also owned Toronto and Hamilton’s teams. Is that true? How can you own three teams in one league? Must be tough to refrain the desire of trading all your best players to one of your three teams and use the other two as farm teams.

If memory serves me right, there was a guy who owned both the current Toronto Rock (which used to be the Hamilton-based Ontario Raiders) and the since defunct Ottawa Rebel. I don’t think he had any affiliation with the since-gone Montreal Express.

NLL has benn around since 1987.

They were orginally called the MILL (major indoor lacrosse league)

Teams in the West are:

San Jose

in the East is:


The only pro. leagues in North America are the NLL and the MLL. One is indoor (box lacrosse) and one is outdoor.

In my opinion…Indoor lacrosse is much more exciting simply because it’s closer quarters which makes it faster. I never did like Soccer growing up until I first saw a MISL game in the 1970’s. outdoor Soccer is just too slow and boring too me.

Now that Edmonton has a team (which I had a part in naming by the way) There should be an awsome rivalry with Calgary.

Any chance you get to watch indoor lacrosse…don’t miss it! FASTEST GAME ON TWO LEGS!

Yeah, better that rivalry instead of the somehow budding SJ-Calgary or Calgary-Colorado that had sprung up. Although do expect some serious heat between the Sharks and Flames (looking into SJ season tix…hometown pride grips me somehow).

Montreal’s team was called the “Machine”