Lack of visibility to attract new fans

One of the biggest sports in Vancouver is the Rugby Sevens. What did they ever do to attract the crowds the way they do?

I know lots of people who have hardly even heard about rugby let alone watched it, who went. Somehow it became this weird sort of counter culture thing. People dressing up in weird costumes, kind of like a comic Con or cosplay conventions. I'd say out of the 50k in attendance, about 15k are real rugby fans.

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I watch it on TV any time I can, It is fantastic!
Non stop action packed
7 players/team on the huge full sized rugby field
45K fans at BC Place
no running out of bounds
2 - 7 minute halfs, running time
then game over and then 2 more teams come on
Both of our Canadian Mens and Womens teams are great

This is the biggest problem ive noticed as a MexiCan. Not only only is the CFL's fanbase culturally homogenous, it has zero visibility with ethnic minorities. I used to always go to watch TFC vs ANY mexican club in Concacaf champions, and hordes of MexiCans went down as well with jerseys that were not the visiting teams. People of all nationalities want to go see things theyre interested in, but i know the CFL has done next to nothing to engage new Canadians. Having a homogenous fanbase isnt on Its own an issue, but it is when they are older and not being replaced in the cities where cultural diversity has opened up new worlds to the inhabitants. The CFL needs to get into those worlds.
I cant say that if a Mexican athlete were on the Argos that id go watch even more(already a sth) but it might the difference if they hyped him up with local Mexican community leaders or if they featured him on local spanish language media.

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The sad thing is that some fans won't support the CFL because of the Canadian content.


The issue should NEVER be on attracting new fans. It should be on not losing fans in the first place, and that's creating a game with rules that appeals to most fans so they never leave in the first place.

Hence enters the XFL to change the CFL. If the CFL was so hot you would not have the need to keep attracting new fans in the first place.