Lack of QB talent in the CFL??

A former CFL player discussing the state of QBs in the CFL with Marty York, he's not impresed with any CFL QB right now. I think he's right, no QB is standing out right now.

Tipical Marty York
marty is no Tallent hack plain and simple.
who has Been fired by TSN Sports net ect ect.

I fully agree!

The best QB in the CFL today is an injury waiting to happen with potentially a career ending situation right now, and with all of the rest you have no idea what they are going to bring to the table each game. Across the league fans are dissatisfied with the inconsistency of their home team starting QB.

Without quality at the QB position, any team is an also-ran team. Right now all teams are also-rans. An also-ran will win the Grey Cup in 2007.

I don't know about that. Ricky Ray has been outstanding so far this year, Kevin Glenn has really impressed me, and while he's inconsistent, Henry Burris is unstoppable when he's on (even if he's "un-go-able" when he's off).

I think if you consider that every single team has a new offensive coordinator this year, you'll see that the talent is there even if there's inconsistency in the performance.

I kind of agree with it, but Ricky Ray is by far better than A.C so i don't know what he is talking about there, and Bishop is going to win the MVP this year. But I completely agree about Joseph, Glenn and Burris, oh ya and Maas lol.

Also Chang is a very good q.b, they just need to give him his shot.

For all that hate the Marty York column, it sure seems to get linked a lot to this him or hate him, just read him.

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Could be a bit of truth to the ex-QB's statemnts. However I think the defenses in the CFL are a lot faster and tougher then they were in days of yore...when Marty's ex-QB played.
Also the NFL teams are keeping players now that used to be authomatic CFL players. Michael Vick and Senaca Wallace are a couple that come to mind.

re db- Also the NFL teams are keeping players now that used to be automatic CFL players. Michael Vick and Seneca Wallace are a couple that come to mind.

How can you automatically credit these or others, (no of cfl touches ZERO) as being better than the starting qb,s in the cfl ? sounds like a pant load IMHO.-- D,s in the cfl have "adjusted" to the spread O, and are at this time in football trends, leading the NFL in strategical tactics. :cowboy: :rockin:

Ex-NFL castoffs coming into the league pushing there way to the starting QB spot leaving QB's like Damon Allen & Henry Burris scrambling to make plays or lose there jobs to Mike MacMahon or Akili Smith.

& one more point, Kerry Joesph not even a QB? are you kidding me? I guess Marty has never heard of Mike Vick. Personally I wouldn't let him walk my dog but he runs just as much as any Running back & he earned himself a 100 million dollar contract. Quarterbacks need the running aspect to there game, if not then your going to end up being a Dave Dickenson & take huge hits on every snap.

Well I really like Kerry Joseph don't underestimate him, yes he runs a lot and gains a lot of yards - 1,000 yard rusher!! How many times this season has his receivers let him down. He's thrown perfect passes to Fantuz and the guy drops them.

But Marty has a good point - we used to have some great QBs ten years ago - Ham, Flutie, Dunigan, Garcia, the younger McManus, Cavillo and Allen. No one has really impressed this year.

That is the norm. We had have a great run the last decade with QB'S, now they have retired or ready to, the new crop,chang, buck and others will pick the pace up as the get game time.

its almost as if every year u dont know who ur starter is.. every team is never sure of there QB's anymore, even in Sask, they thot Joseph was gunna b the starter, crandel almost started, in Calgarym Burris is supose to be amazing? then i forget his name but the dude from the nfl gets a shot, nobody in this league has confidants in there QB's

It's true but these things go in cycles. The CFL is in a bit of a down cycle at the moment as some of the really good ones wind down their careers (Damon, Dickenson, Calvillo). However, there are several young QBs with potential who should be hitting their stride in a year or two (Chang, Bishop, Pearce).

I also, think the defences are better than they've ever been.

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