Lack of parity this year won't be good for the league

We have 3 true contenders in BC, Cal, and Sask, one sort of contender in Toronto, and 4 absolutely absymal teams in Montreal, Edmonton, Hamilton, and Winnipeg who may only get wins by beating each other. There has been only ONE game this season that was decided by 4 points or less. Most games between "contenders" and the bad teams have been massive blowouts. I've seen many bad seasons for the Eskimos in the past decade, and I usually watch nearly every CFL game even involving other teams, but I really find myself losing interest in the league this season with the lack of close games across the board.

If this keeps up the remainder of the season, all around interest in the league, TV viewership numbers, and attendance numbers could fall off steeply.

Its no different than any other year. Last year Hamilton, Winnipeg and Edmonton were just as bad. Toronto has the same record as last year .500. Montreal has the same record after five games they had last season as well, Winnipeg was 1-4 after five games last season.

Nothing's changed. Its a long season.

Oh my god, the sky is falling. :roll:

when i can go 4-for-4 in picking the outcome of games 3 weeks in a row, and still not move ahead in big dave's challenge, then this league has become pretty predictable.
there's no one to blame, except the esks, bombers, als and tican'ts for being so disfunctional.

It's early yet, Austin will right the ship in Hamilton he is still assessing what he has there and implementing his schemes . I don't mind a truly dominating team, very marketable when they come to your stadium. In the early 80s when the Eskimo's came to Winnipeg, there was always a extra buzz around the city .

i don't mind the riders' 5-0 run, as it is compelling. every week, you wonder, is this the week the streak is stopped?
i loved the lion's 12-0 start to 2005.

what is pathetic, is, there are only 3 teams with winning records, yet 6 make the playoffs.
3 teams at 1-4. that's horrible.

i really have no faith in Austin's ability to turn the cats around, as i've seen no improvement week to week.
same goes for the bombers' burke and mack.

Well Toronto has only played four and are at .500. Four teams with winning records and four teams with losing record is not an aberration. The only team that has not been competitive IMO is Hamilton.

For me the biggest surprise has been seeing Calgary and Saskatchewan win with backup quarterbacks. That's encouraging for the league. With expansion you know Ottawa will have a good QB and can even acquire an extra and trade him to another team in need of a young QB.

Yeah, it's a long season, and I like seeing young QBs like Mitchell and Willy succeed. Bodes well for the next generation of CFL QBs.

And I too like having a team with an unbeaten streak. It makes a fun storyline every week. When will SSK finally lose?

I don't see any problem TBH. Look at the vaunted NFL. There are teams that just perennially suck year after year after year: the Browns, Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, etc. Then you have the teams that always end up on top: Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Giants. What's the difference?

"When will SSK finally lose?" DisciplineandPunish

Sunday September 22 and then again on Friday October 04! :wink:

Na, they just play the Lions those dates.

this is one of the reasons i don't watch the NFL.
you have, maybe 6 legit contenders, a few pretenders and the rest are fodder. that's a lot of fodder.
i would probably watch the NFL if there were less teams.

now the CFL has 3 contenders, 1 pretender and 4 teams that are fodder.
when the argos lose tuesday, thats 3 contenders and 5 fodder.

Also, I just want to say that Montreal is struggling this year after literally over a decade of leading the east division. So don't play the blame game with our club -- we've done more than our share for the cause of parity for many years. :wink:

I like NFL football in small doses, but yeah, the caste system in that league is a bit annoying. Wouldn't you just love to see the Patriots go 2-14 one season? Have the Browns ever done anything positive? :wink:

I don't know that the contender / pretender / fodder division is as impermeable in the CFL as you make it seem. Remember when the Als would jump out to 4-0 or 5-0 hot starts but then fade down the stretch? Remember when BC went 1-7 to start the season but won the Grey Cup in 2011? It's early days, man.

I agree with that totally! :thup:

Also I think what some forget is the old adage the coaches frequently use just before post-season play. " It doesn't matter what happened during the regular season, it's a whole "new" season when the playoffs begin."

"Remember when BC went 1-7 to start the season but won the Grey Cup in 2011? It's early days, man." DisciplineandPunish very well. So very well. I also remember the Lions' final home regular season game. Let the good times roll again. :smiley:

I agree with a lot of this sentiment; I don't follow the NFL, or MLB, or even the NHL for similar reasons (as well as lack of time for butt-sitting).

However I think the OP does have a point. It's true that many teams have similar records to a year ago; after all, the games still produce a winner and a loser in the standings no matter how well they play. But it does seem like BC and Calgary remain strong, Sask has improved significantly, Montreal has regressed, and Hamilton, Winnipeg and Edmonton are still bottom feeders; jury still out on Toronto. The divide isn't usually so stark. MadJack already has a thread on which coach will be fired first, 5 weeks in!

Similarly, injuries always happen, but seem to be off the scale this early in the season, especially in Hamilton and Winnipeg. Have there ever been so many actual or prospective starting QBs out of action by Week 5? Tate, Glenn, Nichols, Durant, Pierce (yeah, I know), and Ray.

It's not a typical year, if there is such a thing.

Welcome to every league anywhere.

Y'all have short memories!! The 2011 Lions started out 0 - 5, and went on to win the Grey Cup! Last year's Argo's weren't much better out of the gate! Go REDBLACKS!!

For sure the most uneventful start for the league since I started watching CFL.

I don’t feel bad that I can’t watch many games this year (recent house purchase) as I’m not missing anything exciting, but I’m sure things will pick up come Oct.

Historically, interest in the league doesn't pickup until Labor Day, still 5 to 6 weeks away, anything can happen. But I don't see how 4 or 5 teams fighting for 2 or 3 playoff spots is a bad thing? If anything it would keep the excitement down to the wire, even if they are all crappy teams.

What would really be bad for the league would be having a sub .500 team win the Grey Cup. That is a very realistic possibility as 6 wins likely gets you into the playoffs this season. If the Riders win the week after the bye, they pretty well have a playoff spot locked up and will be playing for home field advantage.